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EU-Makelaardij is a young and dynamic mediation organization. We are very flexible and are open to everyone. We specialize in only well-maintained and tastefully (decorated) rooms, studios, apartments and houses. We offer in different price ranges and offer accommodation in all neighborhoods of Utrecht.

We strive to make it as easy and fast as possible the process for you. You may also expect us to offer you perfect service.

Comfortable living is important. That goes for you, but also for (one of) your employees. When you are looking for accommodation for your staff, we can help you. , You want to waste time on a long-term search. We ensure that you quickly find what you need. Your wishes are our starting point. We would like to discuss in person the possibilities for you.

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1.250 € al mese


1.250 € al mese


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1.200 € al mese

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