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123Wonen Zwolle is part of the rural working formula 123Wonen and has 24 offices. The organization lets homes for investors, but also from individuals who would like to let their home based on (for example) the ‘Leegstandwet’.

Letting safely is very important for 123Wonen.123Wonen only lets to people who are screened before.123Wonen has good contacts with major companies and is immediately looking for various projects and is searching for houses in Zwolle, but also in adjacent areas like Kampen, Hattem and Dalfsen. The houses are rented for short or long periods, furnished or unfurnished.123Wonen also can do the management of the renal itself, so that the owner does not need to worry about that.

Rental agent Sabine Haarman has extensive experience in the rental of houses. She is internally responsible for contacts with the major investors. Rental agent Norbert Wegter has experience in the rental of houses for years. Partly because of his legal background, he is responsible for contracts and related legal and tax matters. Assistant rental agent Ruth Engels has completed a bachelors degree in Real Estate and is responsible for the office proceedings. In addition, you can also see her at viewings and key transfers.

123Wonen Zwolle
Emmawijk 19
8011 CN Zwolle

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Agente noleggio

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