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Core concepts
We much value quality. Quality is the key word for our service. We translate this quality towards the following core concepts:

Ambition: we’re ambitious and want to be lead by the continuing success.

Reliability: for us reliability is the interaction between standards, values and a permanent professional sense of responsibility.

Competence: we do know our business, do not restrict ourselves and are open to changes. Servitude: the actions of our employees are always and fully aimed at protecting our customers’ interests.

Flexibility: we do realise that people differ and therewith also our clients wishes. For the flexibility from our side, we will use our expertise and learnt insights.

Personally: we love to be your partner and like to freely advise you.

Nos derniers logements


2 685 € par mois


1 550 € par mois


1 650 € par mois


1 650 € par mois


1 395 € par mois


1 625 € par mois


1 850 € par mois

H. Diesveldsingel

1 450 € par mois

Tweede Hugo de Grootstraat

1 575 € par mois

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