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The Hague Real Estate Services is a dynamic organization staffed by driven professionals who are among the best in their various fields. Our service and offering combines exclusive and top-quality real estate with a personal and customer-focused sales strategy.

We are specialized in the various facets of the real estate business: sales, renting, management, short stay, valuations and investments. We work with both professional parties and individuals and operate in a cast-iron network.

Employing a universal approach to real estate, The Hague Real Estate Services demonstrates the diversity in the sector and sets itself apart from the traditional market players. We aim to be the absolute best in offering reliable real estate advice. Regardless of the market situation, we stand out from the rest owing to our customer-focused approach.

The Hague Real Estate Services believes in merging expertise to shape its universal approach. Our mode of operation is dynamic and we are therefore accessible 24/7.

Qui sommes-nous ?

Manon de Lange

Agent de location

Walther Stokman

Courtier en ventes immobilières

Nos derniers logements

Simon Carmiggelthof 222

3 000 € par mois

Mgr. Nolenslaan 12 S

2 000 € par mois

Laan Copes van Cattenburch 69 H

1 850 € par mois

Zwolsestraat 11

5 000 € par mois

Kleine Nobelstraat 82

1 750 € par mois

Loosduinseweg 373 E1

1 500 € par mois

Loosduinseweg 373 E 2

1 600 € par mois

Neherkade 1588

1 600 € par mois

Seinpostduin 118

2 000 € par mois

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