Immediate notification of new listings

Why Pararius+

In today's competitive housing market, finding a suitable rental property can be difficult. That's why Pararius has developed a new service: Pararius+

With Pararius+ you receive a notification as soon as a new rental property is posted, so you are always one of the first to be informed and can immediately respond to a property that meets your housing needs. With our smart filter options, you can easily personalise your search. This increases your chance of finding a new home which fully meets your requirements.

Pararius+ simplifies your search for the perfect home. Determine your housing needs, create a search request and receive the latest housing offers directly in your mailbox. This makes your search easier, you are quickly informed about new properties and the step to your new home is a lot closer!

How does it work?

Step 1: Define your living requirements. We do the rest. 

Place your search query with your housing needs and we will make sure we find your perfect match. Pararius has collected the offers of estate agents throughout the Netherlands in one place. This means that new offers are available every day, which increases the chance that your dream home is among them!

Step 2: Receive direct email notifications with offers which meet your requirements!

As soon as we find a match, you will immediately receive an e-mail alert. This saves you a lot of time and stress in your search, as you no longer have to check all estate agent websites day and night or 'refresh' our page.

Step 3: Respond to your perfect property and who knows, it might soon be yours!

Does your dream home come along? Then respond immediately and increase your chances of being invited for a viewing. Are you completely satisfied after the viewing? Then quickly finalise everything with the estate agent and move into your new home!

About Pararius+

What is Pararius+? 

Pararius+ is an additional paid service that keeps you informed about newly listed properties. This allows you to quickly find out about new homes that meet your search criteria so that you can respond faster and be one of the first to be invited to the viewing of the property. In addition to receiving direct notifications of new rental listings, we aim to expand the Pararius+ service in the future to further facilitate your search.

How long has Pararius+ existed?

Pararius started in 2006 and is the largest independent housing website in the Netherlands. Pararius+ is an initiative of Pararius and has existed since July 2023.

What are the benefits of Pararius+?

You are notified earlier of newly listed properties. This gives you the opportunity to respond faster and increases your chances of being invited to a viewing.

When is your customer service available?

Our customer service is available from Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. You can always send us an email at

My account

How can I use Pararius+?

If you want to use Pararius+ you need an account. You can register if you don't have an account yet, or click on log in.

Search in your desired city and filter your search criteria. Save this search and choose direct in the frequency of mail alerts. Complete the membership.

Now you will be automatically informed of new properties that meet your wishes! Respond quickly to increase your chances of finding your ideal home.

What does Pararius+ cost?

Pararius+ offers a trial period of 7 days for €1.00. This allows you to determine if Pararius+ works for you within a week's time. After that, it automatically transitions to a full membership for €9.50 per month.

Is there a free trial without me being committed to anything?

There is no free trial. We only charge €1.00 for the first 7 days. After that, Pararius+ costs €9.50 per month.

How can I cancel my Pararius+ subscription?

You can cancel the subscription at any time, also within the trail period, with 1 month's notice. For example: If you cancel on July 20, 2023, Pararius+ will end on August 20, 2023.

Canceling the subscription can be done online in your Pararius account: by logging in, then go to manage subscription. Click on your active subscription, select cancel subscription. The cancellation is completed when you have received a confirmation by e-mail.

Can I benefit from multiple trial periods if I unsubscribe and re-subscribe at a later date?

No, unfortunately you can only use the trial period once. After all, it's to see if you are satisfied with Pararius+. So the trial period is a one-off offer. Should you register again at a later date, you will immediately pay the regular monthly subscription fee.

Why should I create a Pararius+ account?

If you subscribe to Pararius+, you will be informed of new offers faster than homeseekers who don't have this feature. They are notified once a day. Pararius+ members are immediately e-mailed when new offers are registered that meet their criteria.

Why would I want to be one of the first to respond?

In the current housing market, demand is unfortunately a lot higher than supply. As a result, real estate agents receive many responses to a rental property. To be able to make a choice among the candidates, it happens that the estate agent selects in order of responses. In this case, there can be an advantage to respond quickly (provided you meet the profile the estate agent is looking for).

I want to respond to a property, do I need a Pararius+ subscription?

No, you can always respond to properties on Pararius. Pararius+ only ensures that you receive the latest housing offer in your email, immediately after it has been submitted by the estate agent.

If I cancel Pararius+, can I still make property alerts and receive those in my mail?

Yes! Pararius always offers the possibility to create property alerts and receive properties by email for free. However, this will be once a day and not every time after new offers are online.

Can you guarantee that I will find a home with Pararius+?

We would love to, but unfortunately we can't. Besides the fact that you have to find a property that meets all your requirements, there is always the question of what kind of tenant an agent is looking for the property. This includes, for example, household composition, as well as your income level.

I have created an account, but I am not receiving emails. Why is that?

There could be several reasons why you did not receive our confirmation email.

Possible reasons could be:

  • There is a spelling error in your email address. You can check this by checking if you received our verification email that we always send after you enter your email address
  • Check your spam folder. It is possible that our email(s) ended up there
  • Something went wrong with the payment

We would be happy to assist you. Mail to

Search queries and email alerts

How do I create a search?

You create a search by searching for your desired city and filter on your search criteria. Here you can click on 'save search' at the top right. Here you can choose between daily notifications or instant notifications when a property that matches your search criteria is listed. If you want to receive instant notifications, you will need Pararius+ for this.

How can I change my search?

You can find your searches in your Pararius account under the heading 'saved searches'. Here you can view and delete current searches. It is not possible to edit current searches. To create a new search, you will have to search for the desired residence and filter on your search criteria.

What is the difference between receiving new offers daily or immediately?

The moment you choose to receive new offers daily, you will receive an email once a day with the latest offer.

If you choose for Pararius+, you will receive the newest offers immediately. This gives you the opportunity to respond immediately to a property, increasing your chances of being invited for a viewing.


Once I complete the payment module, will I get properties in my mail right away?

Yes, but this depends on the offer that becomes available. As soon as a property is placed online that matches your searchcriteria, you will receive an email.

What payment options are available at Pararius+?

The following payment options are supported by us:

  • IDeal
  • Credit Card