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Wooove mainly rents newbuildings and apartments of recent construction. The properties are owned by institutional owners (pension funds) and professional investors and are maintained to the most modern high standards.

The houses shown represent a selection of the total listings. To find out more click on the property of your preference and use the "mail button" in the right hand corner for more information.

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1.400 € al mes


1.530 € al mes

Verlengde Duinvalleiweg

1.010 € al mes

Verlengde Duinvalleiweg

1.280 € al mes

Verlengde Duinvalleiweg

1.470 € al mes

Jan Duikerhof

1.600 € al mes

Gelrestraat 31

1.525 € al mes

Graafschapstraat 196

1.350 € al mes

Gelrestraat 103

1.335 € al mes

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