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    Vesteda Property Management

    Vesteda is an active investor with a clear focus on the Dutch residential real estate market. Vesteda invests funds for institutional investors, including pension funds and insurers. Vesteda has total capital of approximately €4 billion invested in real estate. The company’s rental portfolio stands at a total of around 23,000 homes. Vesteda’s key investment regions are the Randstad urban conurbation and the Noord Brabant province.

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    NederWoon verhuurmakelaars Amersfoort

    Agent - Property Agent Amersfoort NederWoon If you are looking for accommodation, please use the rate of NederWoon rental agency in Amersfoort. We rent on behalf of private and institutional investors, brokers and property managers living in the Netherlands. In recent years we have realized thousands of mediations. We have a large and varied selection at every price. From room to apartment, from house to house, we can quickly find the (furnished) accommodation that meets your needs. The advantages: • No waiting lists Unlimited viewing • • variety • reliable • fast results • register online • View current housing supply • new housing supply an e-mail • sightseeing plans • Always accessible

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    sbnl de plek voor goed vastgoed

    We verhuren en beheren bijzondere woon- en werklocaties van hoge kwaliteit. Dat doen we met oog voor gebouw, gebruiker, omgeving en de toekomst en met behulp van proactieve en betrokken huismeesters. sbnl is het platform voor goede huisvesting en snapt wat de klant wil.

    Duurzame visie
    Onze panden zijn vaak progressief in kwaliteit toename, we kiezen voor duurzame oplossingen en materialen. Ook als we iets vervangen doen we dat op duurzame wijze, zo is een nieuwe lamp standaard LED. We handelen milieubewust, plaatsen zonnepanelen op onze gebouwen en stimuleren elektrisch vervoer door laadpunten en snelladers te plaatsen.

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    Dé Beheermakelaar

    Its offices Middle Netherlands we mediate in the rental and leasing of properties. These offices provide are part of Real Estate without. For both investors and housing associations but also for people who want to rent their property for sale through bridging rentals based on the Leegstandwet. We want to serve you when renting or hiring of one or more properties in the central Netherlands. We provide both temporary rental housing and rental housing indefinitely. You can choose basic rent, rent furnished or unfurnished rental. As owner of a home you will always have a tenant who extensively screened through background checks, multiple credit checks and identity checks to prevent housing fraud. For tenants it is important that we support them in finding their dream home.

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    Real estate agency in Amersfoort

    Eervast is the independent rental agency in Amersfoort. Our rental agents are helpful for people looking for high quality real estate services in Amersfoort. The real estate agents have a broad experience in the market for real estate in Amersfoort.

    Rental agents for corporate housing in Amersfoort

    Eervast can also help you with corporate housing in Amersfoort. We are internationally focused and have English speaking staff. So don't hesitate and contact our housing agency so we can help you in corporate housing in Amersfoort and help you to find a suitable rental property in Amersfoort for you or your colleagues.

    For questions please call or email our rental agency in Amersfoort.

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    Interhouse Amersfoort

    Interhouse Huur- en Verhuurprofessionals® is a well known and reputable rental property estate agent on franchise bases. We are located in Amsterdam, Amersfoort, The Hague, Haarlem, Hilversum, Rotterdam, Sassenheim and Utrecht. Our activities comprise mediating in letting and renting all kinds of residential properties and managing a sizeable real estate portfolio. Interhouse Huur- en Verhuurprofessionals® has an extensive network of supply and demand. Every office serves an exclusive region. We are at home in the regional rental property market.

    Interhouse Amersfoort serves the city of Amersfoort and surrounding area. A very popular region with numerous multinational companies, strong employability, rich cultural heritage and high quality of life.

    Interhouse Huur- en Verhuurprofessionals® was founded on January 1st, 1998 and guarantees professionalism, flexibility, speed, personality, service and above all quality!

    If you consider to rent or let a residential property, or perhaps entrusting us with the full management of your real estate, then you have come to the right address at Interhouse Huur- en Verhuurprofessionals®.

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    Rotsvast Hilversum

    Whether you are looking directly, or within a couple of weeks, for temporary accommodation or longer term, unfurnished or furnished, with our extensive and up to date offer we will find your perfect match

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    Different Vastgoed

    Welcome to Different Real Estate. A dynamic estate agent who takes a different approach to doing bussiness. No frills or fuss but backed with years of experience in real estate. We can advise on renting and letting of studios, chalets, apartments, and houses. Depending on what your needs are we can help you find rental accomodation for as little as one week or an indefinite period. Furthermore, for companies looking to fulfill rental needs, we can garantee tailor made services to suite your specific needs. Experienced staff Professional and pro-active approach Free subscription

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    Stadsherstel Midden Nederland

    Stadsherstel Middle Netherlands aims to preserve the monumental property and where necessary restoration. We work with an eye for cultural heritage so that future generations can enjoy historic towns like Amersfoort and Utrecht.

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    SH Consultancy

    SH Consultancy mediates in rent and rental of houses, apartments, villas and holiday homes. Mediation is more than just put a sign in the garden, it requires good preparation and execution. By listening to the wishes and needs of tenants and landlord, we try to make the right match. So it can happen that people who respond to one appartment, ending up at a completely different house! ! Individual approach, mutual trust and promise are the keywords!

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    123Wonen Amersfoort

    Out of 26 branches we mediate in the rental and leasing of properties. For both investors and housing associations, but also for people who want to rent out their property which is on sale. Through our wide range of offices 123wonen can serve you when renting or letting one or more buildings in the Netherlands.

    We provide temporarily rent or untemporarily rent. You can choose between basic rent, furnished or upholstered. As an owner of a home you will always have a tenant who is extensively screened through background checks, multiple credit checks and identify checks to prevent housing fraud. For tenants it is important that we support them in finding their dream home. Please feel free to contact us.

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    Huis en Zekerheid Makelaardij

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    nv De Grachtengordel

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    Portaal Eemland

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    De Kei Makelaardij

    DE KEI MAKELAARDIJ believes that sustainable business is associated with a long-term relationship with our clients. Streamlining processes and ensuring your interests are paramount. We know that no such thing as 'consumers', therefore we invest in you.

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    vanderHulst Verhuurmakelaar

    My work contains:
    - Valuate houses for financial reports
    - We are specialised in renting out houses for a short time, decorated or furnished. For instance for customers who are leaving for a period of time to another country, or people who can not sell their house, we make sure that their houses are well kept. We are searching for the right renter, who can be expats or working people in the Netherlands.
    Finally we are specialised in making commercial reports for Institutional Investors how to profit from a new build aggregate of houses.

    You are welcome to visit us any time!

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    Wijs Wonen

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    MER Verhuurmakelaars

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