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You wish to rent out or sell your house or you wish to buy or rent one?

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We are specialized in renting or purchasing houses for expatriates. We attach great importance to a personal approach, provide customized services and cater to your specific needs.

You can rely on our expertise, quality and complete services.
You've come to the right place for a transparent and project guidance. It's all about proper handling of your interests.

We represent only your interests, give you independent advice and are especially - in this digital age - an expert in personal guidance for from A to Z.


Paula Willemse

Rental agent

Our latests listings

Nieuwe Keizersgracht

€1,490 per month

Van Bossestraat

€1,600 per month


€1,475 per month

Gillis van Ledenberchstraat

€1,375 per month

Nieuwe Prinsengracht

€1,700 per month

Tweede Helmersstraat

€1,750 per month


€1,650 per month

Bos en Vaartlaan

€1,450 per month


€1,600 per month

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