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Welcome at Relocation-Amsterdam. We are a professional young team of dedicated and experienced housing and relocation consultants, who are specialized in the higher segment of the housing market in Amsterdam and Utrecht.
We also have years of experience in finding suitable accommodation for expats and their family- who are working for international or national companies. We relieve our customers throughout the relocation procedure and offer the unique opportunity to discover the best places in Amsterdam and get in touch with other expats. In this way, integrate into another country becomes a fantastic experience.

We are helpful for any foreigners and expats who want to move to our capital or who already settled in Amsterdam. We went all over town to visit the best clubs, shops and restaurants. In addition, we gathered information about housing, medical issues, holidays, taks, Dutch culture and many more.


Desiree Tennekes

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Anna Spenglerstraat

€3,250 per month


€3,700 per month


€5,995 per month


€4,500 per month


€2,750 per month


€5,000 per month

Bertha von Suttnerlaan

€2,495 per month

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