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Renthouse Real Estate is an expert in the management and rental of luxury and free sector real estate in Amsterdam and the surrounding areas. We can offer a range of options for the rental of your property. You yourself can choose how much you do yourself and how much you leave to us. You can naturally choose to use the whole of our expertise and put both the management and rental of your property in our safe hands.

Depending on the level of involvement you want from Renthouse, we can together find the right solution.


Lous Oldekamp

Rental agent

Our latests listings

Van Ostadestraat 141 3

€1,650 per month

Eerste Helmersstraat 57 3

€1,650 per month

Krom Boomssloot 5 1

€2,495 per month

Meander 699

€1,750 per month

Brederode 19

€2,750 per month

Belle van Zuylenlaan 46

€3,600 per month

Else Mauhsstraat 17

€3,650 per month

Kanteel 35

€1,975 per month

Beethovenstraat 46 3

€4,000 per month

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