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Domica is your partner for, renting, letting and managing properties for individuals and compagnies. In more than 20offices across the Netherlands, our entrepeneurs and real estate brokers work passionately to help you find or let your appartement, house, villa, room, penthouse or office space. We have a thorough understanding of the regional and national real estate market and use our extensive network to offer you a broad and diverse selection of properties. Since 2000we are located at Vughterstraat 150, 's-Hertogenbosch.


Koen van Meer

Rental agent

Sandra Sebregts

Commercial assistent

Nick Rooijakkers

Rental agent


Rental agent

Dorota Golanska

Commercial assistent

K Boerman

Commercial assistent

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de Koppele

€1,450 per month


€2,450 per month

Vierde Hambaken

€1,495 per month


€1,595 per month


€1,550 per month

Nieuwe Bosscheweg

€1,795 per month


€1,250 per month


€1,295 per month

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