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Are you looking for your dream home in one of the best neighbourhoods of The Hague, Wassenaar, Voorburg or the surrounding area? Or do you wish to sell your current home?

We are at home in these neighbourhoods and have the right network and extensive experience. We understand you like no other and will give you the personal and professional support you need. Our goal is to ensure that your needs are met.

Personal attention
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Large team
Expat focused
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Manon Vroege

Rental agent

Babiche Demelinne

Associate in training

Marceline Strumphler

Real estate agent

Margot Koesen

Real estate agent

Ineke van Mechelen

Candidate broker

Robbert dHondt

Real estate agent

Nicoline van Heeswijk

Candidate broker

Merel van Huijstee

Office manager

Mirjam Scholtes


Judith Gelink

Office manager

Our latests listings

Anna Paulownaplein 7 B

€1,400 per month

Laan van Pluymestein 18

€2,950 per month

Helmersstraat 103

€2,600 per month

Burgemeester Marijnenlaan 92

€3,500 per month

Gevers Deynootweg 79 B

€1,750 per month

Van Nijenrodestraat 39

€2,950 per month

Noordwijkstraat 7

€1,950 per month

Paramaribostraat 157 A

€1,750 per month

Seinpostduin 182

€2,900 per month

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