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Immo Vita is the best property of The Hague, specializing in the finest areas of The Hague, as Zeeheldenkwartier, regentessekwatier and Duinoord With the right knowledge and experience and a lot of enthusiasm we find the right candidate for your property Real Estate Vita offers the right network national and international businesses daily looking for spaces for their employees and expatriates We are reliable, enterprising, enthusiastic and knowledgeable. Real Estate Vita calculates the tenant no fee, bad-off fee of € 295. - plus VAT No cure no pay. You can reach us by phone or mail.

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van Duvenvoordelaan

€320 per month

De Genestetlaan

€495 per month

Nicolaas Beetslaan

€950 per month


€500 per month

Vier Heemskinderenstraat

€295 per month


€628 per month

Generaal Spoorlaan

€380 per month


€1,250 per month


€450 per month

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