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Clearly, we are Real Estate Agents. We realise, however, just as you do, that living is more than just having a roof over your head. We understand the importance of living in an environment which best suits your needs and where you will be feeling right at home. Therefore, Lutz Real Estate is known as a Real Estate Agency which has redefined the concept of living. We are specialized in Expat Service.

For all your question Lutz Real Estate provide a fully relocation service and will guide you all the way.


Daphne Lutz

Real estate agent

Our latests listings

Escamplaan 880 L

€1,300 per month

Escamplaan 882

€1,350 per month

Hendrik Zwaardecroonstraat 168

€1,495 per month

De Moucheronstraat 47

€1,350 per month

Van der Hoevenplein 130

€2,500 per month

Wilhelminakade 673

€4,950 per month

Frederikstraat 521

€1,250 per month

Van Trigtstraat 66

€1,750 per month

Archimedesstraat 44 A

€1,250 per month

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