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Overbruggingsverhuur. nl is an innovative organization that has achieved a breakthrough in the rental market. Through our unique concept landlords and tenants come into contact with each other. We do this at a fixed, low all-in rate. We assist tenants and landlords from A to Z, from the indication rental price until the lease.

All offered houses are rented with a license based on the Leegstandwet and with the consent of the bank. These homes can be rented for a period of 6 to 24 months.

You can be sure that the professionals of Overbruggingsverhuur understand their profession.

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€1,250 per month

Willem Hedastraat

€1,495 per month


€1,250 per month


€1,250 per month


€940 per month

Buys Ballotsingel

€1,445 per month


€1,440 per month

Tweede Oosterparkstraat

€1,500 per month


€1,195 per month

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