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Your rental agency in The Hague? Woonzeker!

Renting in the Randstad is best done through Woonzeker. We go the extra mile to find the ideal rental house or apartment for you.

You can reach us by phone on working days (monday-friday) from 1.30 PM until 4.30 PM

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Our latests listings

Franklinstraat 158

€725 per month

Van Kinsbergenstraat 109 A

€1,155 per month

De Constant Rebecquestraat 1 1

€1,250 per month

Steenlaan 49

€1,250 per month

Broekslootkade 25

€1,100 per month

Roland Holstlaan 993

€1,300 per month

Prinsegracht 126 A

€1,200 per month

Van Swietenstraat 102 A

€2,195 per month

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