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Groningse Panden is the largest propertymanagement office in the city of Groningen. With more than 3000 tenants and hundreds of locations we can provide a wide range of offers for future tenants and property owners. With a team of 12 crewmembers we work on a daily basis pro active in order to give our clients the best possible offers. Our properties have a high quality and a realistic rentprice which is based on the systematic issued by the Dutch law. We do not charge fees to future tenants.

Are you looking for solid partner for subletting your property or for good housing offers feel free to contact us.

Our latests listings

Boterdiep 67 b

€1,015 per month

Kruitlaan 37 a

€1,100 per month

Stoeldraaierstraat 46 f

€2,050 per month

Stoeldraaierstraat 46 a

€1,900 per month

Stoeldraaierstraat 46 b

€2,300 per month

Nieuwe Markt 15 d

€1,495 per month

Moddermanlaan 39

€1,295 per month

Stoeldraaierstraat 46 d

€1,820 per month

Hoendiepskade 27

€1,060 per month

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