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Welcome to your personal real estate agent of the 's-Hertogenbosch area for the best rental properties to lease! You have found the appropriate mediator for all different types of residences: from student rooms to larges villa's, from studios to apartments, from urban living to rural living, from new constructions to monumental or historical buildings, from temporary to permanent residence.

We intermediate offering a very competitive fee!


Bastiaan de Groot

Rental agent

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€995 per month


€1,150 per month

Oude Engelenseweg

€250 per month

Jacob Catsstraat

€416 per month


€799 per month

Oude Vlijmenseweg

€535 per month


€895 per month

van der Does de Willeboissingel

€1,395 per month

van Reysstraat

€1,050 per month

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