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Interhouse rental brokers is a renowned franchise organization with branches throughout the Netherlands. The activities consist of mediating in the letting and leasing of all types of residential homes. Each branch has a large network of supply and demand and serves an exclusive working area. They are therefore completely at home in the regional rental housing market.

Interhouse rental agents in Haarlem serve the Kennemerland. A particularly popular area to live in. There is plenty of activity and is conveniently located near the major cities in the Randstad, Schiphol Airport, but also offers the beach (Bloemendaal and Zandvoort), forest and various attractive villages and a rich cultural heritage. Ideal for home seekers who value a high quality of life.

Interhouse rental brokers was founded on January 1, 1998 and is one of the most experienced brokers in this niche market. If high quality and integrity are important to you, then you are guaranteed to come to the right place for renting or letting a property.


Sabina Träger

Rental agent

Wendy Ros

Commercial assistent

Madelon van der Schaaff

Commercial assistent

Cilly de Ruijter

Real estate advisor

Barend Warnaars

Real estate advisor

Bas Ros

Rental agent



Amber Schubert

Commercial assistent

Our latests listings

Zomerkade 17

€1,885 per month

Bellevuelaan 58

€1,585 per month

Prévinairestraat 34

€1,865 per month

Jac. van Looystraat 21

€1,385 per month

Prinsen Bolwerk 42 B

€1,645 per month

Teding van Berkhoutstraat 42

€2,665 per month

Korte Zijlstraat 4

€1,985 per month


€2,885 per month

Vondelweg 254 rd

€1,945 per month

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