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Lighthouse Property Services: expertly guiding you through all aspects of the private property market in Zuid Kennemerland and Haarlemmermeer. You can count on our professional service whether you are letting, renting, buying or selling a new home in this area.

Renee Hanssen and Alison Mills (herself a British Expat) have worked together for many years, providing quality services within the property market in the beautiful regions of Zuid-Kennemerland and Haarlemmermeer.

We are proud of the fact that during these years we have built up a client base of satisfied customers from diverse backgrounds; expats and re-pats both leaving and arriving, international companies and their employees, private individuals, property owners and tenants searching for a new (temporary) home.

We are well known for our flexible, customer oriented approach and our knowledge of both the region and the (rental) property market, these are just some of the reasons why our clients return and are happy to recommend our services to others.

Let Lighthouse Property Services guide you too and become one of our satisfied customers.


Alison Mills

Real estate agent

Renée Hanssen

Real estate agent

Our latests listings

Raaks 24 H

€2,100 per month

Marsmanplein 206

€1,450 per month

Blekerstraat 9

€1,400 per month

Klaverstraat 21

€1,700 per month

Spaarnelaan 40

€5,000 per month

Bernard Zweerslaan 83

€3,000 per month

Vogelenzangseweg 30

€1,550 per month

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