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Dop Makelaars is an international real estate company operating in The Netherlands, France, Spain and Germany. Our national and international teams work every day to get the best results possible.

As well as primary locations for new housing projects we specialise in second homes. Dop Makelaars is the main Dutch supplier of second homes in the whole of France. Besides development we also focus on rental projects.

A foreign market needs a different, specific approach and local know-how, Dop Makelaars is capable to combine these acquirements.

Since 1998 we have worked with several international project developers, contractors, law firms, notaries, mortgage companies and foreign governments. Due to the years of experience our expertise has a very high standard. We are now more and more capable of advising our investors and informing our clients.

Our agents can inform you about all possibilities regarding second homes, a solid investment opportunity or a new house. We always have a sales agent available who can inform you about new projects and possibilities for your current and future circumstances.

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Our latests listings

Hagedisstraat 23

€1,600 per month

James Cookroute 89

€1,550 per month

Wijnhaven 6 24

€3,600 per month

Generaal Eisenhowerplein 1 1

€1,815 per month

Generaal Eisenhowerplein 1 2

€3,025 per month

Grote Marktstraat 36 40

€1,815 per month

Mandelaplein 1 1404

€2,310 per month

Mandelaplein 1 1419

€1,815 per month

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