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Moving can be stressful and a challenge: you arrive in a new environment, a new city or even a new country and reliable help will be more than welcome. Maasland Relocation offers relocation services and helps you with all the aspects of moving. We have years of experience in letting, we have an large selection of rental properties, our quick mediation and especially our personal attention will soon make you feel at home in Maastricht and in your new home.

We will assist our customers in their search for the ideal home. We have extensive knowledge of the local property market and the mandatory legislation in the chosen area. We not only assist you in your search for the ideal home, but we also provide other services. We offer help to foreign students and expats with all the bureaucratic Dutch requirements. To complete the move we can also offer help to choose medical services in the area or schools for children.


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Franciscus Romanusweg

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€535 per month


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