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Tweelwonen belongs to the top 5 of the most reputable real estate offices in the Netherlands. Over 13 years of experience in all areas of leasing and rental of living accommodation, we now offer a nationwide total concept for any kind of stay in the Netherlands. Whether for a stay of one night or for a lifetime at Tweelwonen you are at the right place!

Also in the field of real estate (RE) management / property management, rental of commercial real estate (RE) and purchase and sale of investment properties you’ve come to the right place.


Patrick Brouwer

Rental agent

Our latests listings

Zeestraat 7 M33

€1,150 per month

Hoofdstraat 79 B

€850 per month

Duinroos 49

€1,750 per month

Stakman Bossestraat 3

€1,350 per month

Galgewater 30

€1,850 per month

Rooversbroekdijk 103

€1,150 per month

Duinweg 14 21

€1,235 per month


€1,350 per month

Parallel Boulevard 17

€1,350 per month

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