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Quadyck (old name for the village Kwadijk) Real Estate BV started in a small office in Zwaag Alfonso Grau in 1999. Alfonso invests itself since 1992 in commercial real estate and needed a reliable administrator of his estate. Due to bad experiences he started with one employee in his own management company, then still under the name Boschgrau Management. In 2002 he was approached by van Overbeek brokers Purmerend to professionalise and merge with their existing management portfolio under the name of real estate management Overbeek v. O. F. . In 2005, he decided to go again independently and continue to expand. We moved to a farmhouse in Kwadijk where the entire upper floor is furnished to professional office. Meanwhile Quadyck Real Estate BV has more than 750 units managed w. o. shops, offices, business units, garages, houses, apartments, rooms and studios. Besides Alfonso employs 4 employees in the sales department, Jaron, Edson, Nathan (administrative) and Kelly (commercial) and one in the field, Alphonso and Lars (Commercial and maintenance).

Rental is also our daily business, we always have a variety of homes, shops, business units and offices.

In 2010 we also started managing owners' associations, both financially and technically. Right now we do more than 100 vve's



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Associate in training

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