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CS Wonen, your solid partner in (temporary) housing CS Wonen is a young and dynamic organisation, active at the hire and rentalmarket of real estate. CS wonen is principly active in the region Bergen op Zoom but with our large network, we also provide housing outside our region. We can help you with housing for a temporary or permanent contract. Our offer is devided in furnished and unfurnised homes. Our main ability is our personal approach. At CS Wonen your not just a number. That's why we don't work with forms and paperworks, you can view our total home offer online! Don't hesitate and apply for your personalcode, you'll get free access for our business website. Take a look at our clarifying website for more ins and outs and availablity, or contact us trough e-mail. Of course you can also give us a call for anything you would like to know.


Chris Schillemans


Anouk Schillemans

Office manager

Lisanne Kuyper

Rental agent

Our latests listings

Heliotroopdijk 118

€930 per month

Markt 35 g

€920 per month

Doctor Schaepmanlaan 298

€815 per month

Moerasberg 33

€1,065 per month

Kadeplein 11 d

€850 per month

Brugstraat 48

€895 per month

Markt 35 m

€1,015 per month

Korte Brugstraat 55 B

€1,445 per month

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