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Living the life in the city of Rotterdam. That’s pretty great! But even greater in a rental home that suits all your needs! We know where to look. So let us help you find your new place right now.

To be honest, there is a greater demand for housing than there is supply. We understand that it is difficult to really find what you are looking for. That is why we want to help you with our experience and network!

Whether this is a cozy room, where you share facilities with fellow residents, a private apartment with a nice view of the Maas, or a spacious home to live together with friends, girlfriends or family in the middle of the center, or close to various roads, we have something for everyone!

After you have registered for free, you can request a viewing via our offer! We will then contact you to schedule the viewing.

In de Stad Rental Agents has a young team with driven, friendly and understanding employees, who are ready for you in the search for your own place in Rotterdam and surroundings.

Our latests listings

Graaf Florisstraat

€820 per month

Aernt Bruunstraat

€850 per month


€1,390 per month


€1,399 per month

Rotterdamsedijk 246 B

€1,250 per month


€1,175 per month

Lodewijk Pincoffsweg

€1,190 per month

Groene Hilledijk

€995 per month

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