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RandstadHousing is a young fast growing company that specializes in the rental of housing. Through a unique concept and our experience in the rental sector, we bring together tenants and landlord. Are you looking for a room, an apartment, a studio, a house, a villa, a chalet or premises for a short or longer period? Then you have come to the right place!


Can search for a suitable candidate for your rental may Horticultural time consuming and costly. You must post ads, free time for sightseeing, contracts preparation etc. A procedure that is often too time consuming and that we can take off your hands free. As a specialist in the field of rental brokerage, we advise and mediate fast and efficient at letting your house (s). We also offer you the possibility to manage your house (s) and / or properties. If you have a house or room to rent to offer, one of our consultants to visit you without obligation to the object to take. We recommend you also in the rent, the duration of the contract, whether or not furnish, furnishing etc. Our prospective tenants include both large companies (which one or more employees must accommodate) and individuals. RandstadHousing only mediates between candidates or companies to be registered. We make before we schedule a viewing appointment, meet prospective tenants and ask them the necessary personal (identification) and financial information (salary slip, employment, employer's certificate) to discuss, so you avoid any unpleasant surprises. For viewings is always one of the employees of RandstadHousing present. Once an interested tenant is found by us, we will contact you if necessary in order to propose and discuss the conditions. No prospective tenant receives the keys of a house before a lease is custom made and both you and the new tenant has signed and all financial obligations have been met. Besides the mediation function you also have the ability to manage the property to outsource 2BeHome. Our management task includes taking care of all correspondence, the obligatory (administrative) tasks and maintenance. For further information regarding these management services, see "Management".

Rental vacancy law (leegstandswet)

You have a new home, but touches your old house is not lost. Hiring of the old house looks much homeowners than an attractive emergency measure. Problem is that this is not the bank. Yet there is a sneak path: hiring can be via the vacancy. There is a permit from the municipality. Do you have that permission once obtained, you can sell the home to terminate the lease without being bound by the statutory termination grounds. You do not need to fear that your tenant does not get out of the house when you finally found your buyer. This is also good news for banks: they can now before without really having to worry to authorize renting out your house.

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