Rent out a property quickly and easily!

In order to rent out your property using Pararius we will put you in touch with the best rental specialists. That way you are assured you are asking the right price, you are finding the most reliable tenant, and get a professional rental agreement. Pararius can put you in touch with the best agents in your neighbourhood. Your commitment is entirely optional.

  • How does it work?

    Pararius shares your information with three agents situated most close to your property. These agents can get in touch with you to get acquainted and to discuss how to rent out your property as soon as possible.

  • How do agents get selected?

    Based on your information we select three professional agents close to your property. These agents know the neighbourhood as no other and can advise you in the best possible way renting out your property.

  • Which information does Pararius process?

    To match you to the right agents, we need your email address, phone number and the address of the property you want to rent out. To give the selected agents a bit of context about the property, we also need you to provide the property type, the amount of rooms and living space (in square meters). This information is exclusively shared with only three agents close to the property. Pararius processes your information only once to provide this service.