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    Do you want to rent your house, or you are looking for a rental? In both cases you have 072wonen to the right place!
    072wonen is THE specialist in rental for individuals and businesses partners. For over eight years, our rental agents do their utmost to assist you in finding a suitable tenant for you as the owner of housing or for you as a viewfinder or in finding new accommodation.

    Our office in Alkmaar is located in a historic building on the Kanaalkade near the famous Waagplein. Our area is North Holland North but we are mainly active in the region of Alkmaar, Alkmaar, Bergen, Schoorl, Alkmaar, Castricum and Egmond.

    For all homes that we offer via the Internet, and in the windows of our office, we act on behalf of the owner. We can, however, for you to find a suitable rental outside our own file, in which case you give us a query.
    For more information, please refer to pages Renting and Letting.

    We also do the management houses and sell houses, for an atractiev fee.

    072wonen is a member of industry Trade Organisation VBO broker.

    Follow our ******** page for the latest news or follow us on ******* for the latest offering.

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    123Wonen Alkmaar

    123Wonen | Your rental agent in the Netherlands!

    From now 25 branches we mediate in the rental and leasing of properties. For both investors and housing associations but also for people who want to rent their property for sale through bridging rentals based on the Leegstandwet. Through our nationwide coverage can 123Wonen serve you when renting or letting one or more dwellings in the Netherlands.

    We provide both temporary rental housing and rental housing indefinitely. You can choose basic rent, rent furnished or unfurnished rental. As owner of a home you will always have a tenant who extensively screened through background checks, multiple credit checks and identity checks to prevent housing fraud. For tenants it is important that we support them in finding their dream home.

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    Wolf Short Stay

    Wolf Short Stay is a Short Stay rental company with a great passion for well organized short rental periods. We offer furnished apartments for very interesting rent prices. Within our team we value an informal business culture and we believe in a no-nonsense approach in which the customer always comes first. We ensure that you only have to unpack your suitcase! Wolf Short Stay is specialized in short term rental properties in the Alkmaar and Haarlem area.

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    NederWoon Verhuurmakelaars Utrecht

    NederWoon Verhuurmakelaars Utrecht is a real estate agency with 11 available properties in The Netherlands. The agency is located at Biltstraat 333, Utrecht.

    Are you currently looking for accommodation? Below you’ll find an overview of all the available properties in the portfolio of NederWoon Verhuurmakelaars Utrecht. If you have any questions regarding a specific property you can contact the real estate agent.

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    Divorce Housing

    A divorce brings a lot of concerns with it that the search turns to new housing one of the biggest problems. In the Netherlands there is hardly any possibility of finding a home for a relatively low rent. Housing associations and local authorities have stopped providing emergency in divorce and the private sector rental offers by the high rents also no solution.

    When there affordable shelter is found it tied to long-term contracts and its initial investment required for upholstery and furnishings of the home.

    Then there remains for many just one solution over, and that's seek shelter with family and friends. This is apparent in the practice in most cases to be a temporary solution given the complexity of the situation. In short, your home is your home anymore!

    To respond to these problems in the market Divorce Housing development and we provide the solution.

    Divorce Housing is a residential concept that rural provides readily available, temporary and affordable housing. Furnished and equipped with facilities that belong to the primary needs like sleeping, washing / drying and cooking. Divorce Housing offers you the opportunity to directly engage a room, without ever needing to make an initial investment.

    Temporary accommodation is available from € 350, - per month (exclusive), depending of course on the type of accommodation.

    Additionally Divorce Housing is committed as an organization the purpose of investors after maximum occupancy of their property. This could relate to sales intended properties and vacancy management (anti-cracking), for example, office buildings and demolition houses.

    In short, we strive to maximize returns for investors where we hear about the temporary management of the property.

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    L'affitto mediatore "The Verhuurmakelaar" in Olanda. Vi aspettiamo per voi!

    Per le padrone di casa: Lasciando la vostra casa, la consulenza sul campo noleggio, guidando il processo di noleggio dalla A alla Z, Proiezione dei candidati, il testo e le immagini verzorgenvan, locazione il formato, la visualizzazione, richiede licenza vacante, il trasferimento, post-terapia, ecc

    Assunto per: Gite turistiche, rappresentante affitto interessi, negoziare contratti di locazione, guida locazione segni e la consegna, dopo la cura, ecc

    Siamo un'organizzazione trasparente e professionale con anni di esperienza in casa. La nostra conoscenza continua e può anche dare consigli su aree di alloggio, indennità di alloggio, posto vacante, locazione e degli affari municipali.

    Vuoi saperne di più inforamatie sulla nostra organizzazione e capacità, si può raggiungere me (Nancey Mol) a *********** o mail info@woonhuyz. nl.

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    Novi Makelaardij

    About us
    NOVI Makelaardij is the new partner for rental of premises in North Holland and is located in Alkmaar. With the aid of the eight step plan, we have found a very good method to completely take the rental process out of your hands as a house owner and to unburden you.

    Our rental agent Robin Been is an enthusiastic professional with more than 10 years experience in the real estate industry.

    NOVI Makelaardij has a good marketing strategy with advertisements on rental websites such as Funda, Funda business, Pararius, Marktplaats and ********. Robin's network can also quickly provide a suitable tenant.

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    Van der Borden Vastgoedprofessionals - Huur & Beheer

    Van der Borden Vastgoedprofessionals - Huur & Beheer is a real estate agency with 1 available properties in The Netherlands. The agency is located at Kennemerstraatweg 181, Alkmaar.

    Are you currently looking for accommodation? Below you’ll find an overview of all the available properties in the portfolio of Van der Borden Vastgoedprofessionals - Huur & Beheer. If you have any questions regarding a specific property you can contact the real estate agent.

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