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    Hopmans Wonen

    Please contact our offices, we speak English.

    We have three locations you can visit from Monday until Friday. We are open from 09:00 hrs until 17:00 hrs.

    BERGEN OP ZOOM: Veilingdreef 21, 4614 RX, Bergen op Zoom.

    ROOSENDAAL: Burgemeester Prinsensingel 38, 4701 HN, Roosendaal.

    TERNEUZEN: Axelsestraat 46, 4537 AK, Terneuzen.

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    123Wonen West-Brabant

    From now 25 branches we mediate in the rental and leasing of properties. For both investors and housing associations but also for people who want to rent their property for sale through bridging rentals based on the Leegstandwet. Through our nationwide coverage can 123Wonen serve you when renting or letting one or more dwellings in the Netherlands.
    We provide both temporary rental housing and rental housing indefinitely. You can choose basic rent, rent furnished or unfurnished rental. As owner of a home you will always have a tenant who extensively screened through background checks, multiple credit checks and identity checks to prevent housing fraud. For tenants it is important that we support them in finding their dream home. Please feel free to contact your nearest branch.

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    CS Wonen

    CS Wonen, your solid partner in (temporary) housing CS Wonen is a young and dynamic organisation, active at the hire and rentalmarket of real estate. CS wonen is principly active in the region Bergen op Zoom but with our large network, we also provide housing outside our region. We can help you with housing for a temporary or permanent contract. Our offer is devided in furnished and unfurnised homes. Our main ability is our personal approach. At CS Wonen your not just a number. That's why we don't work with forms and paperworks, you can view our total home offer online! Don't hesitate and apply for your personalcode, you'll get free access for our business website. Take a look at our clarifying website for more ins and outs and availablity, or contact us trough e-mail. Of course you can also give us a call for anything you would like to know.

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    Vesteda is an active investor with a clear focus on the Dutch residential real estate market. Vesteda invests funds for institutional investors, including pension funds and insurers. Vesteda has total capital of approximately €4 billion invested in real estate. The company’s rental portfolio stands at a total of around 23,000 homes. Vesteda’s key investment regions are the Randstad urban conurbation and the Noord Brabant province.

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    Robog. nl, quality name in the real estate industry

    Seekers in West Brabant and Zeeland is a comfortable family house is soon to Robog. en out. The partner in rental and property management.

    temporary housing

    Expats have towards Robog. nl found. As it is usually the directors who go looking for their employees to live. Because their employees often stay temporarily in the Netherlands, it is in most cases to rental housing. But it is not only foreign workers who use our expertise. People from all corners of the Netherlands, who decide to go into the West Brabant and Zeeland region to work, come to us.

    private rental housing

    In addition to double-income workers are also an important part of our audience. Because they no longer have the opportunity to include social housing, they look at us with a starter home or a private residence to bridge between selling and buying their own home. Robog. nl en understands this better than anyone, so we help these people like a nice home.

    Many rental properties

    To control all these audiences has Robog. nl a comprehensive file of approximately the 600huurwoningen. These range from simple to very luxurious and therefore in price of 700tot 2500euro per month. Whether it is a small flat or a luxury apartment, we have an attractive living space for everyone. We also rent out garages, business premises and shops.


    We take it for granted that the tenant and landlord can together through a single door. Therefore ensures Robog. nl en sure the tenant fits the profile of the landlord. And if the need arises, we hereby assist in the mediation.


    In addition to mediation, we also specialize in management. We like to take care of the hands of landlords who, for whatever reason itself (temporarily) no can help care for their property. For example by moving abroad. We do this by keeping in touch with the tenant and ensure the financial settlement.

    HOA Management

    When buying an apartment are a lot of albums responsibilities. You are then automatically include members of the homeowners association. This aims to jointly maintain the building and this also submit a plan of action. For over ten years we have specialized in coaching HOA boards. We help them to plan daily maintenance but also the maintenance in the long term and the financial consequences that this entails.

    Are you looking for a comfortable family house for one of your employees, or can we have a different way of service, please contact us!

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    Rent Estate

    Rent Estate is the responsible choice for a trustworthy and
    professional meeting point between landlord and tenant!

    Rent Estate is a modern rental-agency in the West-Brabant area.

    Two decades of experience, an up-to-date knowledge and relationships
    within the regional market in this specific sector, shall ensure your property not only rent but also familiar rent!

    The rental of aproperty requires a specialty that not everyone is given. Matching landlords and tenants is always tailor-made, in which we offer you our skills and competences.

    From the very first contact we stand by you, not just with words but with deeds! With the right mediator, Rent Estate, vacancy will proceed to rental!

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    Rotsvast Bergen op Zoom

    Rotsvast Bergen op Zoom is a real estate agency with 3 available properties in The Netherlands. The agency is located at Blokstallen 2-b, Bergen op Zoom.

    Are you currently looking for accommodation? Below you’ll find an overview of all the available properties in the portfolio of Rotsvast Bergen op Zoom. If you have any questions regarding a specific property you can contact the real estate agent.

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    We are Stadlander. A housing corporation 15.000 homes in West Brabant and Tholen. One area that has been referred to the central government as a shrinking population-anticipating region. We want our tenants to live nice, now and in the future. We are active in the city and in the villages. Our tenants are City Landers. Together with our stakeholders, we do our best for our area. With a city bursting. And rural areas where life is pleasant. With homes that fit what our tenants want. Homes with acceptable housing costs and quality for the primary customer group (defined by the government based on income) and housing with an appropriate price and quality for other customer groups. Housing for young and old. With all the opportunities to grow. For a city Lander looks on. He has an eye for tomorrow. A City Lander would later live in his familiar surroundings. Independently as possible. With assistance if necessary.

    A City Lander want to live comfortable. With good neighbors, in a street that is clean and safe. He wants facilities nearby, like schools and work. That's why we go for a comprehensive approach to differentiated neighborhoods and nuclei. We do not alone. Together with our tenants and other partners, we are building the future. Ambitious and efficient. With a broad vision of the region and at the same time anchored in society. The city and the country can not do without each other. We feel involved. Leading policy and robust financial health. That is our strength.

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    Suijkerbuijk Verhuur

    Suijkerbuijk rental has been for years specialized in the sale and rental of business premises, residences and vacation homes. Whether for temporary housing for (foreign) workers or eem nice apartment for an indefinite period, with us you are at the right place. We mediate not all homes are our property. In this way, we love it, the lines are short, no unexpected costs and the service is as you would expect: good!

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    Huizenbalie BV

    Huizenbalie BV is a real estate agency with 11 available properties in The Netherlands. The agency is located at Hart van Brabantlaan 12, Tilburg.

    Are you currently looking for accommodation? Below you’ll find an overview of all the available properties in the portfolio of Huizenbalie BV. If you have any questions regarding a specific property you can contact the real estate agent.

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