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StadHuis mediates between tenants and landlords about homes in Breda. In a personal, professional way. We do everything we can to find the nicest rooms, studios, apartments and single-family homes. Both upholstered and furnished and usually ready to move in. Lying in your favorite neighborhood. Fits within your budget. We succeed 99 times out of 100!
Our offer is current and changes quickly. It is therefore often possible to view a home in the foreseeable future.
You can only register with us by telephone for a viewing. Personal contact is important to us so that we can immediately discuss your situation and think along with you.

In addition to the offer that we are allowed to rent out to a landlord, visible online, it is also possible to engage us as a rental agent.
With more than 20 years of experience, we know the many roads that lead to a rental property. After we have received the order from you, we immediately start looking for suitable homes within and outside our network. We switch with other brokers, management organizations and of course with private home owners.

Passion for our profession and for real estate
Customers like to come to us. Because we are always available by phone during opening hours to answer all your questions, or just for a chat. Our customers like our open, informal, personal approach. Because they feel our passion for real estate and for our profession. And because we guide them intensively from 'I am looking for accommodation' to 'Here is the key'. And further!

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