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The Bloois Property located at Noordeinde 46 Delft. We specialize in purchasing guidance of investment properties, sell properties and rental / management of your property.

A good personal contact and quality is at the forefront Bloois Realty. We have extensive knowledge of the market, the people and their needs. We can help you find the right home.

Looking guides you to find the right investment property? renting out your house or to outsource the management of your property, please contact us.

i nostri nuovi immobili

Van Swietenlaan 62

1.150 € al mese

Veenendaalkade 164

1.500 € al mese

Spionkopstraat 60

1.350 € al mese

Mahlerstraat 36

450 € al mese

Henry Dunantweg 14 F

675 € al mese

Reinwardtstraat 38

1.050 € al mese

Rijswijkseweg 45 B

1.350 € al mese

Henri Polakstraat 156

1.095 € al mese

Frederik Hendrikstraat 2 A

985 € al mese

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