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Vesting Vastgoed immobili in affitto ad Den Haag

Laan van Meerdervoort 301, 2563 AE Den Haag

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Chi siamo

VESTING VASTGOED is a real estate agency active since 1996 in mediating between applicants and property owners. We are licensed by the municipality.

Our experienced employees are here to help you with your accommodation arrangements.

We offer rooms, studios, apartments and houses in the luxurious end of the market for a short and also an unlimited period. We have accommodation to suit everybody's needs!

In contrast to other real estate agencies we charge no registration fee. But to serve you the best way we can it is however necessary that you register.

Who is going to be your tenant?

Vesting Vastgoed only rents out properties to selected tenants. The applicants are obligated to register (free of charge) at our agency. They have to fill in a registration form, in this form the applicants have to mention their name, address, date of birth, profession, monthly income etc. They are also obligated to enclose a proof of income and an id. Vesting Vastgoed has the ability to screen applicants.
You can discuss your wishes with us regarding family composition, minimum income, permitting animals, etc.

Please register for free on our website: www. vestingvastgoed. nl

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  • Amy Ramazan
    Amy Ramazan
    Capo ufficio
  • Jacky Lee van Bladeren
    Jacky Lee van Bladeren
    Agente noleggio
  • Ingeborg Westbroek
    Ingeborg Westbroek
    Associate in training

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