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    123Wonen Deventer

    Out of 24 branches we mediate in the rental and leasing of properties. For both investors and housing associations, but also for people who want to rent out their property which is on sale. Through our wide range of offices 123wonen can serve you when renting or letting one or more buildings in the Netherlands.

    We provide temporarily rent or untemporarily rent. You can choose between basic rent, furnished or upholstered. As an owner of a home you will always have a tenant who is extensively screened through background checks, multiple credit checks and identify checks to prevent housing fraud. For tenants it is important that we support them in finding their dream home. Please feel free to contact us.

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    NederWoon verhuurmakelaars Deventer

    Agent - Property Agent Deventer: NederWoon If you are looking for accommodation, please use the rate of NederWoon verhuurmakelaars in Deventer. We rent on behalf of private and institutional investors, brokers and property managers living in the Netherlands. In recent years we have realized thousands of mediations. We have a large and varied selection at every price. From room to apartment, from house to house, we can quickly find the (furnished) accommodation that meets your needs. The advantages: - no waiting lists - unlimited viewing - wide range - reliable - quick results - register online - see current housing supply - new housing supply by email - sightseeing plans - always available

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    Domica Apeldoorn

    Domica Apeldoorn si trova a Nieuwstraat 15 situato nella vivace città di Apeldoorn. Abbiamo la possibilità di avere sia la porta e dietro l'angolo per parcheggiare. Siamo naturalmente molto facile da raggiungere con i mezzi pubblici (fermata del bus davanti alla porta).

    L'ufficio è composto da tre agenti entusiasti di noleggio, con il direttore della filiale Erik Imperatore e verhuurmakelaars Patricia Beumkes e Rolf Weijma. Il team ha anni di esperienza nel mercato del noleggio e si può ottenere dalla A alla Z consigliare e assistere nella (ri) assunzione di alloggi in tutta Stedendriehoek.

    In genere, l'ufficio di Apeldoorn 100case disponibili. Questi sono in aggiunta a appartamenti e camere, studi, tra le case, case a schiera e ville. Chiunque può venire a noi.
    Domica Apeldoorn si distingue per il suo approccio veloce, trasparente e professionale. Si pensa in soluzioni e non problemi, in cui voi come un cliente, naturalmente, raccogliendo i frutti. Siamo in grado, se necessario, entro 24 ore con la vostra nuova casa.
    Anche i proprietari con spese doppie possono venire da noi. Abbiamo la possibilità di contratto di locazione su misura in modo da riflettere i permessi posto vacante.

    In breve, sono i benvenuti al nostro ufficio per qualsiasi domanda riguardante la (ri) assunzione di alloggio per un periodo determinato o indeterminato di tempo!

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    Mijnhuurwoning. com is a rental brokerage trying to find the right tenants for the properties offered by our clients to rent. The rental and lease of accommodation, we provide a personal way to achieve a perfect match. Whether it's a room, studio, apartment, duplex or single family concerns, private rental, rental for a house foundation or an institutional investor with us you are at the right place. We are mainly active in the region Deventer, Epse, Lochem, Gorssel, Vorden, Voorst, Raalte, Welshpool, Diepenveen, Schalkhaar, Warnsveld Zutphen.

    Mijnhuurwoning. com is a trademark and domain name Impresco since 2008. Impresco is an agency that for commercial market, investors and project marketing, rental and management of real estate portfolios care. The marketing management of Impresco is not comparable with regular property management. The objective of Impresco is to allow real estate in use to take and keep hereby by appropriate people. Impresco gives constant attention to both the user and the property to keep it in balance. The leasing and marketing of rental properties has come from projects where Impresco was involved. With Mijnhuurwoning. com Impresco has to offer the same quality and attention to tenants and landlords.

    Our office is located in Deventer at the Leonard Springerlaan 299. You are always welcome during office hours for more information about our services, but also a good cup of coffee, cappuccino, espresso or just a cup of tea.

    Lessees and lessors are accompanied personally by Kitty van Schooten.

    -We Aim of our service for optimum satisfaction of all parties.

    -Mijnhuurwoning. com Collaborates with several reputable NVM estate agencies in the region.

    -To (Re) renting rooms, studios, apartments, maisonettes and houses.

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    IJssel Wonen

    Are you looking for accommodation? Or maybe for office? Or are you the owner of real estate and looking for a reliable partner that your assets (temporarily) runs for you and leases and / or advises you about the various possibilities?

    Since 2003, IJssel Living specializes in management, rental, consulting and mediation in the field of real estate. IJssel Housing is for both property owners and for people looking for residential or business premises. And of course IJssel Living there for her tenants. IJssel Living works in the City Triangle region: Deventer - Apeldoorn - Zutphen. Customer focus, service and quality are high on our priority. So whether you want to rent or lease now, or merely appropriate advice: Live at IJssel you are at the right place.

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    Vesteda Property Management

    Vesteda is an active investor with a clear focus on the Dutch residential real estate market. Vesteda invests funds for institutional investors, including pension funds and insurers. Vesteda has total capital of approximately €4 billion invested in real estate. The company’s rental portfolio stands at a total of around 23,000 homes. Vesteda’s key investment regions are the Randstad urban conurbation and the Noord Brabant province.

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    Armeva Vastgoed

    Armeva Vastgoed is een sinds begin jaren tachtig in Deventer gevestigde dienstverlener op het gebied van vastgoed. Het startschot voor de oprichting van Armeva Vastgoed is gegeven door een aantal onroerend goed beleggers, die een mogelijkheid zochten de krachten te bundelen om zodoende een betere dienstverlening te kunnen bieden, een sterkere onderhandelingspositie ten opzichte van de overheid te realiseren en het onderhoud van het onroerend goed te coördineren.

    Armeva Vastgoed beheert ca 700 huurwoningen, winkel-, bedrijfs- en kantoorpanden in geheel Nederland. Wij werken op basis van inschrijvingen door middel van formulieren die u van onze website kunt downloaden. Aan de inschrijving zijn geen kosten verbonden.

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    Woningwell Vastgoed

    We can assist you with finding that new rental home or apartment


    Ulteriori dettagli is a real estate agency with 29 available properties in The Netherlands. The agency is located at Karbeel 18, Gemert.

    Are you currently looking for accommodation? Below you’ll find an overview of all the available properties in the portfolio of If you have any questions regarding a specific property you can contact the real estate agent.

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    Vereniging Hendrick de Keyser

    Hendrick de Keyser Association is dedicated to preserving architecturally or historically significant buildings and their interiors. The Association does this by acquiring properties and restore them and then rent out. In their vast diversity and richness give the buildings owned by the Society a representative picture of the Dutch architectural history.

    The collection includes 400 buildings and complexes, including homes, farms, country houses, courtyards, villas, fishermen's cottages and town halls across 101 locations throughout the Netherlands.

    In order to preserve this historical heritage, the buildings are rented. We strive to keep up the original function as closely as possible. A mill continues to run, a laborer is rented as a residence, an old shop will shop or workshop and a craft is used as a building for companies.

    Live or work in a building of 'Hendrick de Keyser is a special experience. This means that the stair sometimes is narrow, the kitchen simple, the above-average heating costs, or that the colors of the paint may not be changed. Each property is unique, and each object is searched for a suitable tenant.

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    Camelot Vastgoedbeheer BV

    Camelot Europe is an international property management services provider. We have a growing network of sixteen offices and nearly 250 employees throughout continental Europe, offering a broad range of bespoke property management and advisory services to our international client base.

    Our mission:
    To be the leading vacant property specialist in Europe.

    Our vision:
    We support you throughout the Property Life Cycle with innovative and high quality staff, products and services.

    About us: "Our people combine entrepreneurial spirit and a deep understanding of specialist vacant property management with the highest standards of client care. Innovative internationally and well-known locally, Camelot design made-to-measure advice for you. "

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    Go! Makelaars Deventer

    Dit is Go! Makelaars, het eigentijdse makelaarskantoor dat bij jou past, omdat je zelf kiest wat wij voor jou doen. Wij hebben passie voor het makelaarsvak en verplaatsen ons graag in jouw wensen. Nieuwe tijden vragen om een nieuwe aanpak, Go! Makelaars heeft die aanpak: creatief, eigenzinnig en op maat.

    Go! Makelaars is een bedrijf van Robbert Jansen en Hans Weenink en is gevestigd in Deventer en Ommen. Wij hebben beiden al jaren ervaring in de ondersteuning van de aan- of verkoop van huizen. We zorgen ervoor dat je weet wat we voor je doen, zijn transparant, werken hard en zorgen ervoor dat jij weet dat we er bovenop zitten. De huizenmarkt in Deventer en Ommen kennen wij als geen ander. Go! Makelaars is een aangesloten NVM makelaar.

    Elk huis is uniek en geen klant is gelijk, daarom stel je zelf je Go! Makelaars Mix samen, zodat jij bepaalt wat wij voor jou doen.

    Go! Makelaars doet er alles aan om jouw woning optimaal te presenteren. Met stylingadvies en een uitgebreide promotie aanpak, zorgen we voor een optimale situatie van de te verkopen woning. Samen met jou kijken we wat bij jou past en waar je ondersteuning bij wenst.

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    Interhouse Amersfoort

    Interhouse Huur- en Verhuurprofessionals® is a well known and reputable rental property estate agent on franchise bases. We are located in Amsterdam, Amersfoort, The Hague, Haarlem, Hilversum, Rotterdam, Sassenheim and Utrecht. Our activities comprise mediating in letting and renting all kinds of residential properties and managing a sizeable real estate portfolio. Interhouse Huur- en Verhuurprofessionals® has an extensive network of supply and demand. Every office serves an exclusive region. We are at home in the regional rental property market.

    Interhouse Amersfoort serves the city of Amersfoort and surrounding area. A very popular region with numerous multinational companies, strong employability, rich cultural heritage and high quality of life.

    Interhouse Huur- en Verhuurprofessionals® was founded on January 1st, 1998 and guarantees professionalism, flexibility, speed, personality, service and above all quality!

    If you consider to rent or let a residential property, or perhaps entrusting us with the full management of your real estate, then you have come to the right address at Interhouse Huur- en Verhuurprofessionals®.

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    Camelot Vastgoedbeheer BV (Short Stay)

    Camelot Europe is leading in vacancy management and property management. We provide solutions for all your property, whether it is full or empty state includes residents or businesses. Of property protection through cameras to the places of temporary residents or users. Regardless of the vacancy, there is always a solution. We will also like the technical and administrative management of hands. Camelot is a specialist in security, management and development of vacant commercial and living spaces.

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    HouseHunting Enschede

    The company profile of HouseHunting Enschede

    House Hunting real estate agency is a young and dynamic organisation in the eastern part of the Netherlands specialised in rental accommodations for short and long rental periods. Other working areas are house management and Corporate Housing management.

    The rental houses offered by HouseHunting are almost always directly available and in semi furnished or furnished condition for a quick moving in.

    We can offer you a complete service with One Stop Shopping (for the complete housing market) and of course we work on No Cure No Pay conditions.

    Every move is a different move, and we understand that success depends on our ability to deal with every eventuality. We believe in getting everything right, we want client relationships which are built on confidence and trust. Most of all, we want client relationships that will last.

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    Verhuurmakelaar Nederland

    Mediation in rental of houses

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