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Papenstraat 26, 7411 ND Deventer

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Are you looking for accommodation? Or maybe for office? Or are you the owner of real estate and looking for a reliable partner that your assets (temporarily) runs for you and leases and / or advises you about the various possibilities?

Since 2003, IJssel Living specializes in management, rental, consulting and mediation in the field of real estate. IJssel Housing is for both property owners and for people looking for residential or business premises. And of course IJssel Living there for her tenants. IJssel Living works in the City Triangle region: Deventer - Apeldoorn - Zutphen. Customer focus, service and quality are high on our priority. So whether you want to rent or lease now, or merely appropriate advice: Live at IJssel you are at the right place.

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  • Team IJssel Wonen
    Team IJssel Wonen
    Real Estate Advisor

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