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IB Makelaars immobili in affitto ad Diemen

Diemerplein 10, 1111 JD Diemen

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By IB Agent, you are at the right place if you want to rent a home in the short term. Our activities include:

Full support for you as a client when renting a property.

Visits care of your selected properties and inform and advise the spot.

Mediate between you and the landlord. Negotiate with the landlord over rent, among other things, contract, effective date.

By chord ensure a proper settlement including the establishment of an appropriate lease.

Arranging prompt signing of the document by both parties.

Ensuring timely payment.

make arrangements for delivery of the rental property, taking care of the delivery and inspection of the home.

Draw up a report and inspection report in triplicate.

See to it that all agreements between the parties involved are respected.

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