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Tweelwonen is the most reputable brokerage office in Leiden and surroundings since 2003 and has experience in all areas of leasing and rental of living accommodations.

For years, Tweelwonen is the leading brokerage office of the Leiden region, Noordwijk, The Hague, Rotterdam and Utrecht. .

For many years we are nationwide a Top 5 real estate office!

With our solid and trusted team of 20 employees, we are daily at your service!

Also in the field of real estate (RE) management / property management, rental of commercial real estate (RE) and purchase and sale of investment properties you’ve come to the right place.

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Allan Heijmans

Agente noleggio

Steven Fromme

Agente noleggio

Stefan van Schooten

Consulente immobiliare

Peter van der Tweel


Richard Detmers

Agente noleggio


Capo ufficio

Patrick Brouwer

Agente noleggio

Allesandro Matta

Assistente agente immobiliare

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Darius Milhaudstraat 12

1.395 € al mese

Langestraat 4

1.395 € al mese

Stationsplein 136

1.050 € al mese

Doezastraat 35 A

1.425 € al mese

Verbeekstraat 1 A1

1.550 € al mese

Verbeekstraat 1 C3

1.500 € al mese

Verbeekstraat 1 C10

1.700 € al mese

Verbeekstraat 8 C

1.550 € al mese

Verbeekstraat 2 C

1.350 € al mese

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