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    Expatdesk Nijmegen

    Welcome to Expat Desk Nijmegen! We inform you about settling in and living in the beautiful city of Nijmegen, the oldest city in The Netherlands! We hope that we can help you make your stay in Nijmegen a pleasant one.

    Whether you would like to learn about the city and the activities it has to offer, garbage regulations, or finding yourself housing accommodation and insurances: you can find it trough us! Want to know more? Get in touch with us!

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    DolFijnWonen is a dynamic independent company which has for 10 years been offering professional housing and relocation services to companies relocating employees into The Netherlands. Our main working area is Nijmegen and its surroundings.

    Renter is asked to pay a mediation fee of 50% of a months rent excl.19% VAT for a renting period up to 6 months. For longer term renting a mediation fee of 75% of a months rent excl.19% VAT is charged.

    DolFijnWonen offers its services in the mediation for letting and renting of (semi)furnished temporary living accommodations. It is our mission – on a no cure no pay basis - to realise the housing demands of the employees/managers (expatriates) of international companies and institutions.

    DolFijnWonen understand the stress and challenges involved in relocating and our aim is to make each move as smooth as possible for the employees, their families, their managers and the Human Resources Departments of their companies.

    DolFijnWonen proudly offers a high quality service with great attention to detail. We go that extra distance to ensure that our clients receive a very personal service during the relocation process and we keep in regular contact with the transferees during the process until they are well settled into their new home.

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    UVM Uw Vastgoed Makelaars

    UVM staat voor persoonlijke, betrouwbare en professionele begeleiding bij huur, verhuur en beheer van woonruimte. Onze organisatie kenmerkt zich door een gedegen kennis van de regionale huur- en verhuurmarkt. Wij streven naar een optimale dienstverlening waarbij de belangen en wensen van zowel huurder als verhuurder zorgvuldig op elkaar worden afgestemd. UVM staat voor zijn huurders klaar en dat kenmerkt zich in de persoonlijke, deskundige en betrouwbare begeleiding van zijn huurders. Of het nu gaat om kortlopende huur of de huur voor onbepaalde tijd, van kamer tot vrijstaande villa; onze werkwijze blijft gegarandeerd.

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    NederWoon verhuurmakelaars Nijmegen

    Real estate - Rental agency Nijmegen: NederWoon

    When you are looking for accommodation, please use the rate of NederWoon verhuurmakelaars in Nijmegen. We rent on behalf of private and institutional investors, brokers and property managers living in the Netherlands. In recent years we have realized thousands of mediations.

    We have a large and varied selection at every price. From room to apartment, from house to house, we can quickly find the (furnished) accommodation that meets your needs.

    The advantages:
    â € ¢ No waiting lists
    â € ¢ unlimited viewing
    â € ¢ wide range
    â € ¢ reliable
    â € ¢ quick results
    â € ¢ register online
    â € ¢ View current housing supply
    â € ¢ new housing supply by e-mail
    â € ¢ sightseeing plans
    â € ¢ Always accessible

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    Vesteda Property Management

    Vesteda is an active investor with a clear focus on the Dutch residential real estate market. Vesteda invests funds for institutional investors, including pension funds and insurers. Vesteda has total capital of approximately €4 billion invested in real estate. The company’s rental portfolio stands at a total of around 23,000 homes. Vesteda’s key investment regions are the Randstad urban conurbation and the Noord Brabant province.

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    24Home Rentals

    Are you looking for accommodation? Then you are at the right place at 24Home Rentals. We offer a comprehensive housing for individuals, companies, expatriates and students.

    Whether temporary or permanent housing, as a tenant you want from your rental to make your "home". At 24Home Rentals we understand that the tenant has special needs and requirements. Therefore, we find a personal approach belangrijk.24Home Rentals is like to be informed of your wishes so that we can help you with finding new "home". We are there to advise and assist you with making the right choice!

    As expert advice in the field of rental brokerage and mediate fast and efficiently the rental of apartments and houses. Besides the possibility we also offer possibility to manage up to arranging rental (financial and / or technical) of your rental (s).

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    Information for tenants | expats

    The HousingXL offices will offer expats an excellent service, customized to their specific needs.

    Based on the demands and wishes regarding your new accommodation, your HousingXL broker will make a selection from the offering and if required out of the offerings of our associates.

    Step 1:
    By means of registration, we will make an inventory of your entire set of requirements and demands. Based on that, your HousingXL broker will make a selection of objects which may be suitable for you.

    Step 2:
    Out of this selection, you and your HousingXL broker will visit the objects you selected. You will evaluate the objects with your professional HousingXL rental broker who will inform you about the rental terms such as: the minimum rental period, the rental price etc.

    Step 3:
    When you have found the right place to live, your HousingXL broker will start negotiations with the landlord in order to obtain the best possible rental agreement for you. Then your broker will make the lease contract according to Dutch Law and you can enjoy your new house.

    A consultation and a look at the current rental offer is of course completely free of charge and without any obligation. If you wish to use the services of a HousingXL broker, you must be registered at one of the HousingXL offices, the registration is free of charge. Once registered your selected broker will start with the activities.

    When your HousingXL broker conclude a successful mediation, you have to pay contr. and admin. cost = euro 247,50 plus 21% VAT.

    The staff of the HousingXL office in your area, can inform you about all there services. Of course you can also register online and one of the rental brokers will contact you a. s. a. p.

    Requirements for the registration,

    for individuals:

    - 2 recent pay slips and / or an employment contract

    - Valid identification

    for entrepreneurs:

    - Recent income tax-report

    - Recent copy of valid identification and chamber of commerce proof of the signature powers of the venue

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    Numaga Vastgoed

    For every house hunter the ideal home!

    Are you going to live together and you're looking for a nice apartment? Again, you can contact Numaga Realty.

    As a student in bedrooms it is important that you have a pleasant landlord who keeps his appointments. Otherwise we are here for you!

    no waiting lists

    Immediately visit provided you are quick.
    Up to 6 visits per room or apartment.
    After registration you can immediately respond to our offer.

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    EHR Nijmegen

    Office visit only possible by appointment

    What is EHR?

    EHR or Executive Home Rentals, stands for rental mediation on a high level.

    EHR is specialised in the rental of furnished and semi-furnished properties on a temporary basis.

    EHR mediates between lessors and tenants.

    How does our agency operate?

    You can register without engagement with our agency when it comes to renting a flat, apartment or house on a temporary basis. These properties are in the free sector housing, no residence permit necessary. Rental prices vary from € 700,00to € 4000,00, gas, water and electricity excluded.

    We like you to fill in the registration form and send it back to us together with a copy of your passport.

    After we have been informed about your wishes regarding the type of property wanted, like: furnished or semi-furnished, where the property should be situated, budget, household, pets etc. We will send you a complete list of available houses and we will keep you informed by sending you such a list every two weeks. If, through our agency, we succeed in bringing two parties together, mediation has taken place and we will draw up a tenancy agreement. The inspection and the handing over of the keys will also be done by us.

    You will be registered for a period of two months, if you still want to be registered after this period, you have to inform EHR.

    If, in the meantime, you have been taken care of property in some way or another, we would appreciate a notification. You do have access at any time to our website, all information about listed houses is available here. Please visit http://www. ehr. nl/ for further information!

    What do we charge you?

    EHR works on the basis of “no cure no pay”. After an oral or written agreement has been made we charge you with € 595,00administration costs excluding V. A. T.

    Extension administration costs of € 195,00excluding V. A. T. (Extension administration costs will be shared between Landlord and lessee)

    Housing Search Command

    If the offer of EHR is not sufficient it is possible that you give us a Housing Search Command.

    A lot of rental properties are provided on the basis of "leegstandswet". This means that the house stay available for sale during the rental period. This is most likely not an ideal situation for expats so it is important that you get informed about the different rental condition of the available houses. We also can inform you about the environment of the house and more specific details.

    With a Housing Search Command we search for you at our colleagues rental agency's and send you a list of the available properties to make a selection. After the selection we plan a tour to view the houses in one day.

    If you have found your house we negotiate about the rental price, a diplomatic clausule, check the rental agreement and guide you during the move- in.

    The total commission of a Housing Search Command is 1 Month rental price of the relevant property, also based on No Cure No Pay!

    If this is an interesting option for you just mail us at nijmegen@ehr. nl and we send you a questionnaire for the most specific wishes.

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    BP Homeleasing

    B. P. Home Leasing,

    since 1991, specializing in the rental of furnished homes
    and furnished homes.

    For rental houses in the Nijmegen area were you at B. P. Home Leasing to the right place.
    We have an ample supply of rental housing.
    Do you have special requirements concerning help a home or living space than we can give you this.

    B. P. Home Leasing works o a. . For international companies in the area of Nijmegen and Arnhem.

    Taking into rental homes is on a no win no fee basis.

    We see, feel free accommodation and determine the owner the rent.

    Our flexible working hours are also accessible in the evenings and / or weekends.

    B. P Home Leasing

    Your reliable partner!

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    123Wonen Nijmegen

    Are you looking for a new house/ room / villa/ apartment?
    We would like to help you find the perfect place! Let us know what you are looking for and we will help you find it! You can call us for a personal advice. You can als register for free on our website and receive new offers which fit your needs, by email.

    Do you want to rent out your house?
    For a temporary period or perhaps for an indefinite period? Whatever your reasons are to rent out, we can inform you about the possibilities and give you a proper advice, based on your wishes and needs.

    Peronal approach.
    We find this very important. For tenants and landlords.

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    SOOF Verhuurmakelaar

    Comfortable rent, comfortable hiring

    SOOF Verhuurmakelaar is the rental agent of Nijmegen and surroundings. At SOOF you will find a wide range: from studios and apartments to detached houses, furnished or unfurnished and for both temporary and long-term habitation. Personal, expert and quality that we consider important.

    Rent a house with a familiar feel. A home where you can live with pleasure. SOOF Verhuurmakelaar ensure the right match between landlord and tenant. Comfortable rent, rent comfortable. That's SOOF.

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    VGH Vastgoedmanagement

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    Dito Vastgoed

    Ditto Realty focuses on managing, leasing and selling real estate, in order to fully relieve its customers. It focuses on personal service, a strong approach and clear communication central. Please feel free to contact us. www. ditto property. nl

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    Fix Vastgoed

    For house hunters who want to rent Fix Real Estate has the right property. You can register with us for free and you will get a list of all houses in the city of Nijmegen and surroundings. You can respond to the homes that have your interest, we plan a free visit with you.

    We assist you with the following method:
    a fixed point
    discussion of your search
    actively looking for suitable homes
    viewings at flexible times (after office hours)
    drafting of the lease
    Know the owner
    guidance of the keys

    You can also as a tenant of a house or apartment Fix Real Estate arrange more business through our office and we will keep you informed of relevant information on various housing and residential.

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    4-Freedom | Verhuurbemiddeling

    You are interested in real estate investments, or considering to purchase your own studenthome? We can help you find the right properties, help you finance it and take care of the management. We help you take care for the rental, the administration and other works.

    Because of our core business, we frequently have studentrooms, studio's, appartments and houses for rent!

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    RNC Wonen

    In RNC Wonen you will find the specialist in renting and hiring of properties. Characterized by our personal service we provide you with a complete offer, ranging from apartments to houses - and from studios to villas.

    Advantages RNC Wonen can offer you as a tenant:

    • Low registration fee (€ 25,- p/yr. )
    • Return registration fee after successful mediation
    • Unlimited visits to properties
    • Low agency fee
    • Personal service and attention
    • No charge for preparing the lease
    • No vague administration costs
    • Win a LCD-TV with your application

    RNC Wonen provides a unique service in case you want to rent your property.
    Instead of paying for an advertisement on our website, we pay you for placing a property on our website. This is contrary to the standard procedures of many other rental agencies. After a successful mediation you receive up to 10% of the first month rent!

    Our goal is to offer a complete service to people who are planning to rent their property. Entirely free and without restrictions we draft the contract for your tenants, we plan and execute visits by interested tenants and we even collect deposit and the first rent for the property. It goes without saying that our services are provided against our very friendly and transparent rates!

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    Langen & Partners Makelaars

    Brokerage and financial services Langen & Partners total gives advice in the field of estate agency and financial services. We provide brokerage services as purchase, sale, rental, appraisal and management. In the financial field offers mortgages, Financial Life Planning, Insurance Department, tax consultation, administrative services, estate planning and estateplanning.

    Experience experience the experience of Langen & Partners.

    Discover Discover our professional and personal approach.

    Experience Experience service from the heart.

    Create Where we make your needs where together.

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    Huurzaak. nl - Nijmegen is a small but dynamic company. Knowledge of the local market management and we rent for the self-employed, own portfolio, brokers and institutional investors.

    24x7 Managing and letting of real estate with a view to (living) quality, desire and enjoyment are one of our major disciplines. Interested through or with rental Business. en to rent? Please contact us!

    Additionally Huurzaak. nl adapted to (re-) development of real estate. A proven, solid construction team provides the complete development of real estate from A to Z. Renovation, new construction and redevelopment. Experience it yourself!

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    Stienstra, a household name in real Estate Land, has been providing a variety of services in real estate since 1961. We are currently active in the field of investing in, operating and managing rental properties. Stienstra want to distinguish itself as an investor in and manage rental properties. We do this primarily through carefully deal with the interest of our tenants.

    Stienstra focuses on both existing and also new homes in the rental sector, but has spread Netherlands besides 6000private homes also approximately 6000existing homes of others in management. Stienstra provides the renatal, sale and manamgent of these parties.

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