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DolFijnWonen is a dynamic independent company which has for 10 years been offering professional housing and relocation services to companies relocating employees into The Netherlands. Our main working area is Nijmegen and its surroundings.

If Renter asks to find a house which is not published by DolFijnWonen, we charge a mediation fee of 50% of a months rent excl.19% VAT for a renting period up to 6 months. For longer term renting a mediation fee of 75% of a months rent excl.19% VAT is charged. If renter rents a house which is published by DolFijnWonen, no cost are charged.

DolFijnWonen offers its services in the mediation for letting and renting of (semi)furnished temporary living accommodations. It is our mission – on a no cure no pay basis - to realise the housing demands of the employees/managers (expatriates) of international companies and institutions.

DolFijnWonen understand the stress and challenges involved in relocating and our aim is to make each move as smooth as possible for the employees, their families, their managers and the Human Resources Departments of their companies.

DolFijnWonen proudly offers a high quality service with great attention to detail. We go that extra distance to ensure that our clients receive a very personal service during the relocation process and we keep in regular contact with the transferees during the process until they are well settled into their new home.

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