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Niya Vastgoed Beheer , apartments and studios for rent in Rotterdam.

Office address is Alkmaardermeer 9, 3068 KL Rotterdam (note: we only work on appointment)

About us:

We rent out apartment and are in charge of the renting proces as well as the servicerequest and questions that may arrise during your stay. This means that we are your contact person altrought the entire rental period which makes sure that you'll always know who to contact.

Scheduling a viewing is always possible and free of charge. You can always contact us for more information or questions.

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1.296 € al mese

Cordell Hullplaats

980 € al mese


925 € al mese

Cordell Hullplaats

1.250 € al mese


1.300 € al mese


1.880 € al mese

Cordell Hullplaats

950 € al mese


1.125 € al mese

Cordell Hullplaats

1.125 € al mese

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