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Keulsepoort 18, 5911 BZ Venlo

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Familiar Domica Venlo in Limburg through rent are you looking for a House for rent, apartment or room? Then you Domica Venlo is the right choice. We offer a comprehensive housing for students, two earners, families, senior citizens, companies and expatriates.

As a tenant would you make your "home" of your rental property. We understand that you as a tenant at Domica Venlo special wishes and requirements. That is why we think a personal approach important. Domica Venlo's staff are informed of your wishes so that they can quickly find your dream house. With an experience of over 20years of consultants and staff can provide you with good advice. We help your with your choice!

You are looking for a temporary House for rent? Also then Domica Venlo pleased to help you. You rent a home from 3 months. Also if later it turns out that you still want to continue renting the property longer, this is often not a problem.

Trusted selling with Domica Venlo!

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  • Henry van Swam
    Real Estate Advisor
  • Ilse van Nieuwenhuizen
    Associate in training

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