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Koops Makelaardij Amstelveen propriétés, à louer à Amstelveen

Rembrandtweg 161 A, 1181 GG Amstelveen

Afficher toutes les propriétés locatives triées par Koops Makelaardij Amstelveen

Qui sommes-nous ?

We are a leading real estate agency specialized in letting rental properties in the region Haarlem, Amsterdam, Amstelveen and Leiden. We let over 600 rental properties a year. For a landlord, we take care of the entire mediation process. Get experienced with our letting services!

We manage the complete mediation process for both tenants and landlords. Our rental team consists of enthusiastic and experienced people of whom you can expect optimum advice.

Koops Property management is part of Koops Rental Agency and holds a growing real estate portfolio of rental accommodations. Koops Property Management is connected with association VGM (Property Management Netherlands). More information about this department and what we could do for you can be found in another section on this website.

We are well known in the international rental market and work closely together with expats that are looking for (mostly) temporary housing.

Koops Rental Agency is located in Haarlem and Amstelveen (border of Amsterdam). You are welcome to visit our office Monday through Friday form 9 a. m. till 5:30 p. m.

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  • Tim van Breukelen
    Tim van Breukelen
    Agent de location
  • Stefanie Groenewegen
    Stefanie Groenewegen
    Agent de location
  • Ivan Borota
    Ivan Borota
    Agent de location
  • Jeroen Last
    Jeroen Last
    Real Estate Advisor
  • Koop Makelaardij Amstelveen
    Koop Makelaardij Amstelveen
    Agent de location
  • Sander Koops
    Sander Koops
    Courtier en ventes immobilières
  • Mara Huisman
    Mara Huisman
    Real Estate Advisor
  • Mitchel Mense
    Mitchel Mense
    Chef de bureau

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