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Wolters Housing is a well known organisation which able to offer a fast and qualitatively high standing service if it concerns conciliation at rentals, management and sale of houses. Wolters Housing is a settled name in The Hague.

Personal attention to our clients is standing central our service. We are faithful to the human treatment which typifies our office already a lot of years.

Our team of specialists stands than 25 years guarantor already more for expert recommendation and accompaniment in the field of real estate, management, value provision, mortgages and insurance.

Wolters Housing is also specialized in furnished and partly furnished accommodation for shorter and longer periods.

At Wolters Housing you can count on a very pleasant and personal treatment. Wolters Housing has a lot of houses to offer which ensures that there daily new houses available. The data of these houses become day still the same by our employees compared to the wishes of tenants or purchasers.

Whether it concerns buy, sale, hiring, rent out, management a an appraisal or ours FREE and without engagement value provision for sale rent decision. In our tasks are informal and a transparent service standing central. Also services belong to the possibilities, for example in that situation that the house you have seen by yourself but you exclusively wants that our office will do the negotiation.
This efficient way of work makes it possible to work rapidly for you. Because of this we are able our offer conciliation activities against a similar lower tariff. And you pay just if you have succeeded, therefore No Cure, No Pay.

Nos derniers logements

Prins Hendrikplein 55

1 050 € par mois

Rozenboomlaan 154

1 085 € par mois

Prins Hendrikplein 16

1 150 € par mois

Pluvierstraat 485

1 050 € par mois

Dr. Lelykade 216

1 995 € par mois

Prinsegracht 284

1 475 € par mois

Atjehstraat 103

1 600 € par mois

Atjehstraat 113

1 525 € par mois

Harstenhoekweg 76 bg

2 000 € par mois

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