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Eigen Haard has many years of experience in renting out and managing houses and apartments. We are particularly specialized in renting out houses for shorter periods of time, usually from six months on.


Your house is a valuable property, both from an economical and from an emotional point of view. You will not give this up to just anyone, you want a good renter, someone who appreciates your house and takes good care of it. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . but where will you find this renter? In the newspaper? On the Internet? On the bulletin board? Maybe, but you would be taking risks. You are better off contacting Eigen Haard, because Eigen Haard is not just a real estate bureau, Eigen Haard is a rental specialist; with the know-how of everything that is involved in renting out and the contacts you need in the international rental world.

Our book Rental Accommodation, that shows the offer of rental houses, is sent to more than 200international institutions and companies in a monthly mailing. Many of our renters come from these companies, because they know from experience that the Eigen Haard rental team is a team of specialists.

Our good contacts with the companies means that we also know the background and the position of the potential renter.

Of course, you are the boss, you will ultimately decide whether or not the candidate is acceptable to you. We advise you and provide you with the necessary information to be able to make a well-thought out decision.



If you let us know that you wish to rent out, we will make an appointment for a RENTING OUT INFO talk. That means that we will then visit the house to be rented out, and do so free of charge and no strings attached. We will discuss everything with you involving the renting out of the house. For this we will give you extensive documentation, tips, and advice to make your chance of success as big as possible. Moreover, we will advise you with regard to the expected rental charge in the current rental market.

After your written rental order, we will proceed as follows;

Your house will be listed in the national computer center of the NVM (Dutch Real Estate Society)
If you desire, we will take care of putting your house on the Internet through our own website and the website of the NVM.

Your house will be listed in our brochure and this is distributed among all our relations
Our rental team will active search for a suitable tenant, we have many (inter)national relations
We offer you exclusive advice and in consultation with you, we take care of the negotiations with any potential tenants

We write up a rental contract and are present at the signing thereof
We take care of inspecting the house both at the beginning and at the end of the rental period
We will take care of changing the addressee for electrical power, water supply, and utilities

If you are renting out your home through Eigen Haard, you can also use our management service. There are two aspects to the management of a house, the financial management and the technical management.
Among other things, the financial management includes: taking care of the collecting the rent, payment of Municipal taxes for example, taking care of damage claims in insurance matters, rental fee changes, and forwarding mail.

Among other things the technical management includes: taking care of maintenance and repairs in the house and appliances in the house, investigation of complaints and questions that the tenant may have.

For our management function we also have documentation such as a management list containing all relevant data with regard to the house, the landlord, representative, etc.


Eigen Haard works exclusively with a written rental and/or management order that clearly states the working method and the rates.

You can request our rates and brochure by telephone, e-mail, or fax.

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