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Über uns

Eigen Haard has many years of experience in renting out and managing houses and apartments. We are particularly specialized in renting out houses for shorter periods of time, usually from six months on.


Your house is a valuable property, both from an economical and from an emotional point of view. You will not give this up to just anyone, you want a good renter, someone who appreciates your house and takes good care of it. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . but where will you find this renter? In the newspaper? On the Internet? On the bulletin board? Maybe, but you would be taking risks. You are better off contacting Eigen Haard, because Eigen Haard is not just a real estate bureau, Eigen Haard is a rental specialist; with the know-how of everything that is involved in renting out and the contacts you need in the international rental world.

Our book Rental Accommodation, that shows the offer of rental houses, is sent to more than 200international institutions and companies in a monthly mailing. Many of our renters come from these companies, because they know from experience that the Eigen Haard rental team is a team of specialists.

Our good contacts with the companies means that we also know the background and the position of the potential renter.

Of course, you are the boss, you will ultimately decide whether or not the candidate is acceptable to you. We advise you and provide you with the necessary information to be able to make a well-thought out decision.



If you let us know that you wish to rent out, we will make an appointment for a RENTING OUT INFO talk. That means that we will then visit the house to be rented out, and do so free of charge and no strings attached. We will discuss everything with you involving the renting out of the house. For this we will give you extensive documentation, tips, and advice to make your chance of success as big as possible. Moreover, we will advise you with regard to the expected rental charge in the current rental market.

After your written rental order, we will proceed as follows;

Your house will be listed in the national computer center of the NVM (Dutch Real Estate Society)
If you desire, we will take care of putting your house on the Internet through our own website and the website of the NVM.

Your house will be listed in our brochure and this is distributed among all our relations
Our rental team will active search for a suitable tenant, we have many (inter)national relations
We offer you exclusive advice and in consultation with you, we take care of the negotiations with any potential tenants

We write up a rental contract and are present at the signing thereof
We take care of inspecting the house both at the beginning and at the end of the rental period
We will take care of changing the addressee for electrical power, water supply, and utilities

If you are renting out your home through Eigen Haard, you can also use our management service. There are two aspects to the management of a house, the financial management and the technical management.
Among other things, the financial management includes: taking care of the collecting the rent, payment of Municipal taxes for example, taking care of damage claims in insurance matters, rental fee changes, and forwarding mail.

Among other things the technical management includes: taking care of maintenance and repairs in the house and appliances in the house, investigation of complaints and questions that the tenant may have.

For our management function we also have documentation such as a management list containing all relevant data with regard to the house, the landlord, representative, etc.


Eigen Haard works exclusively with a written rental and/or management order that clearly states the working method and the rates.

You can request our rates and brochure by telephone, e-mail, or fax.


Since the implementation of the new tax law as of January 1st 2001, a rented out house falls in "Box 3". That means that a tax rate of 1.2% (30% tax over a supposed 4% yield) will have be paid based on the economic value of the house (value on January 1st and value on December 31st, divided by two). Any mortgage debts may be subtracted from the economic value (remaining debt on January 1st + remaining debt on December 31st, divided by two).

Rental income is tax-free but this means that there is no cost deduction, not even the interest on the mortgage. The criterion used in this is that the rented house is not considered to be the landlord's primary residence.


The value of a house on January 1st is € 300,000,--, the value of the same house on December 31st is € 310,000,--.
The mortgage debt on that house on January 1st is € 100,000,--, and on December 31st the mortgage debt is € 95,000,--.
The rental income for that year is € 23,000,--.
The costs for that year are € 18,000,-- (of which € 14,000,-- is interest on the mortgage. )

Tax to be paid in Box 3:
Value: (€ 300,000,-- + € 310,000,--) : 2 = € 305,000,--
Debt: (€ 100,000,-- + € 95,000,--) : 2 = € 97,500,--
€ 207,500,-- x 4% = € 8,300,-- x 30% = € 2,490,--

Rental income: € 23,000,--
minus: costs: € 18,000,--
€ 5,000,-- net (tax free)


Those who for tax reasons are considered to be "temporary" landlords. For example, landlords who only rent out their property for short periods of time (for example over winter) and cases where the dwelling to be rented out is the landlord's main residence. The tax department or your tax consultant can give your more information about this subject.

When renting out, also consider the following points:

Your mortgage contract contains a "rental clause" that states that you need permission of the mortgage bank to rent out your house.
Some city councils or owner communities (apartments) may make certain demands with regard to rental.
* The above is for information purposes only and the stated regulations may vary; please contact the appropriate governmental institutions for exact information. No rights can be derived from the above.

Eigen Haard is specialized in the renting of houses and apartments for a set period of time. In this we distinguish between semi-furnished and furnished houses.


People who, usually in a temporary manner, change their working environment, or who wish to rent out their house in a temporary manner for other reasons own the houses that we rent out. It often involves owners employed by multi-nationals, universities, international schools, international projects, etc. Generally the owner will return to his/her house after a period of absence.

The tenants are often in the same position but in a reverse manner, but may also be people who are building a house and who need temporary living arrangements. The tenants who qualify must have a demonstrable reason for needing living quarters for a determined period of time.


A semi-furnished house contains:

carpeting, parquet or laminate floors, or floor tiles
curtains or blinds, perhaps a sun screen
utility lighting
a kitchen generally containing: a refrigerator and often a dishwasher, a cooker, a smoke hood, and an oven/microwave.
a washing machine
The premise is that furniture, crockery, pots and pans, and the tenant will bring in linens.

A furnished house will contain at least:

window decoration
utility lighting
a well-equipped kitchen that includes: a refrigerator, often a dishwasher, a cooker, a smoke hood, an oven/microwave, crockery, cutlery, pots and pans, kitchen utensils, and a mixer
a washing machine, and sometimes a dryer
furniture such as a sitting area, a television, a dining area, beds, sometimes linens, cupboards, and sometimes more lamps
The premise is that one need only unpack his/her suitcases to be able to live there.


The minimal rental period for these houses is one year, and longer periods are often possible.


Eigen Haard has different search options. First we have a website with our current rental offers, and there are also offers on www. funda. nl, the site of the NVM (Dutch Real Estate Society). If you call our management department ( ************you can request our rental brochure by mail, fax, or e-mail.

For the most up to date listing, it is best not to search more than two months ahead of the period during which you wish to rent.


You can search in different ways: you could call several real estate agents in the area that you would like to live, or travel to the area of your choice and hope to find something there, browse websites, request folders indiscriminately, etc. All of this is very unorganized and uncertain.

The best thing that you can do is to contact Eigen Haard! If you contact us to look for you and with you, you cover our entire area. Before you come to see us, we will set out a route so that when you come over, you can immediately visit a number of houses that meet your expectations. The only thing you need to do ahead of time is to let Eigen Haard know exactly what you are looking for, in which area, and when.


Eigen Haard will select the houses that most closely comply with your wishes. In addition to the distribution of the house, this search will also include matters such as: the rental period that you have indicated, the most ideal area with regard to your work, schools for the children, school busses or public transportation, arterial roads, Schiphol, recreation, etc.

We will take you to the available houses and tell you about the environment and the fairness of the requested rental price. After consulting with you we will negotiate the rental price and the facilities of the house of your choice. Negotiation points could be for example: is the house sufficiently furnished, is the house clean, the quality of the appliances, are pets permitted, etc. Together with you we will determine the most ideal living environment.

In addition to this we will help you with requesting/arranging matters such as: telephone, electric power, cable TV, or inhabitant tax (OZB). You can also contact us at all times with any questions about maintenance and repairs.


If you exclusively use Eigen Haard to search for a suitable living space, then, if you are successful, we will charge you a percentage of the annual rental cost, if necessary, incremented by the service costs for one year (only for apartments). Please contact us for our rates. In some cases your employer will pay our costs. For a small amount we will take care of a lot of time consuming matters for you.


For us it is important to know: the number of people with whom you wish to rent and the composition (number of adults, number of children), will you be bringing pets, the reason for your stay in the Netherlands, and/or your employer. Whether you are looking for a house or an apartment, semi-furnished or furnished, whether or not you need parking space.


A tenant is expected to pay the rent on time, to take care of the house, and to leave this in a clean and undamaged condition at the end of the rental period. When requesting the rental, there will be a check in procedure. Prior to handing over the keys, we will examine the house with you to check that it is complete and complies with that requested. At the end of the rental period there will be a check out procedure. Before taking back the keys, we will check the house with you to see that you are leaving this in a correct state. Among other things, we will work with lists of inventory that we will go through with you before and after the rental period.


At the end of the rental period, you must give notice in writing at least two months before the end date of the rental period. If necessary, the landlord then has the right to view the house with new candidates after consulting you.

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