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Rotsvast Utrecht propriétés, à louer à Utrecht

Burgemeester Reigerstraat 84, 3581 KW Utrecht

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Qui sommes-nous ?

~Rotsvast’s website has listings for many properties available for rent, both for short as well as long periods. The properties are typically available to rent (move in to) right away or very quickly. Our listings are updated daily, and we also typically manage the properties for the owners.

If you rent a property posted on Rotsvast’s website, you will not have to pay any agency fees! This way, Rotsvast upholds the landlord’s interests.
You can choose to have your interests upheld by your own agent as well.

Want to rent a property through Rotsvast?

If the property you’re looking for is not listed on Rotsvast’s website, our staff will also actively get to work to find a suitable property in the market.

What type of property are you looking for? What kind of terms and conditions are associated with a rental property? How much is the monthly rent? Where can I view all the available properties in a specific city or area?

In that case, Rotsvast will be happy to be your rental partner. You can tell us your specific wishes for a property using our registration form,via onze adviesservice after which we will schedule an intake appointment with you at our offices to discuss your wishes in further detail. Experience has shown that our personal approach significantly increases your chances of finding a suitable property. Our branch offices all have in-depth knowledge of the entire market and always know exactly what kind of properties are available for rent at any given time.

Rotsvast will support you with a number of issues, including:

Itemising your specific wishes for a rental property;
We will search, beyond our database, for properties that meet your specified criteria;
Receive daily emails with the latest available properties; dagelijks per email;
We will take you to view your chosen properties;
Compilation of a file and presentation to potential landlord(s). We will work hard to have the property awarded to you;
Conducting negotiations;
We will sit down to discuss the rental agreement with you;
Compile a thorough inspection report.

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  • René Reekers
    René Reekers
    Courtier en ventes immobilières
  • Robert kraaij
    Robert kraaij
    Courtier en ventes immobilières

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