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Rotsvast’s website has listings for many properties available for rent, both for short as well as long periods. The properties are typically available to rent (move in to) right away or very quickly. Our listings are updated daily, and we also typically manage the properties for the owners.

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Robert Kraaij

Real estate agent

Lysanne van Leusden

Real estate agent

Joey Biesbroek

Real estate agent

Robbin Spaan

Real estate agent

Gerben Langelaar

Real estate agent

Our latests listings


€1,200 per month


€1,250 per month

Arthur van Schendelstraat

€1,600 per month

Zilveren Florijnlaan

€1,450 per month


€1,300 per month


€1,700 per month

Achter Clarenburg

€1,500 per month

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