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Jansen Smit Brokers Appraisers includes Richard Jansen and Erik Smit. Both over 10 years experience in the brokerage. We gained our experience at several major brokerage offices in Amsterdam and are now fully independent. Our accumulated knowledge, experience and above all make our network that we are the first to be everywhere!

You are dealing with real estate in Amsterdam. We are enthusiastic, passionate, keen in setting strategy, hard working, loyal and boys with a large network. The concept of 'customer first' is our focus! With us you are not a number but a respected client, where we like to build a good relationship with. Where we get to know each other and we want you to go through the fire. We are an accessible office and always accessible. One question at 21:00 pm? We take it on! A Whatsapp is also not a problem and does so easily, within no-time you have an answer.

Small and personal, is always in direct contact with one of the two agents, it's Richard or Erik. Both complete fool of their craft! Here no changing of the guard. The broker you're talking to is also equal your broker. No big office every time with a different face, but Richard and Erik is who you see. Set driven and competitive. So we're both crazy about football and cycling, always want to win. We always try to get the maximum, certainly at work.

Our commission is low! This fails us because we do not work in an expensive office building or driving around in expensive lease cars. We take the bike and have both feet on the ground. Probably know the Amsterdam soil, this is the city where we know every street and every square. Amsterdam has no secrets for Richard and Erik!

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Wethouder Ed. Polakstraat

1.600 € al mes

Louise de Colignystraat

1.500 € al mes


1.600 € al mes

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