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    A1 Executive Estate

    A1 Executive Estate specialises in finding apartments & houses in the best neighbourhoods in the cities and nicest areas in the Netherlands. We thoroughly research all aspects of your (or your accounts) needs.

    While we search for the real estate you need, we cover all your wishes, like configuration, rooms, bathrooms, districts, town, style and infrastructure.

    This way we save you precious time and money. The only time you need to spend is when we have found you your match.

    We take care of the negotiation process for you, after which you can choose if you want to use any of our other services.

    We offer you a one-window-approach , managing everything you want or need:

    - Taking care of moving companies
    - Financial advise (mortgage; off-shore; tax- or immigration lawyers)
    - Managing the necessary renovation and/or redecoration
    - Construct a team of contractors, architects, gardeners, interior decorators, etc. to work together seamlessly
    - Contact with only one person: your project-manager who deals with everyone!

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    Vesteda Property Management

    Vesteda is an active investor with a clear focus on the Dutch residential real estate market. Vesteda invests funds for institutional investors, including pension funds and insurers. Vesteda has total capital of approximately €4 billion invested in real estate. The company’s rental portfolio stands at a total of around 23,000 homes. Vesteda’s key investment regions are the Randstad urban conurbation and the Noord Brabant province.

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    Wooove B.V.

    Wooove mainly rents newbuildings and apartments of recent construction. The properties are owned by institutional owners (pension funds) and professional investors and are maintained to the most modern high standards.

    The houses shown represent a selection of the total listings. To find out more click on the property of your preference and use the "mail button" in the right hand corner for more information.

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    Grand Relocation

    Grand Relocation acts as an intermediary in the leasing & letting of (un)furnished properties in the city of Amsterdam. Expertise of the Amsterdam property market and property law aside, Grand Relocation offers extra service to ex-pats and newcomers to Amsterdam alike. Grand Relocation handles the complete Amsterdam market. Free registration.

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    Koops Makelaardij Amstelveen

    We are a leading real estate agency specialized in letting rental properties in the region Haarlem, Amsterdam, Amstelveen and Leiden. We let over 600 rental properties a year. For a landlord, we take care of the entire mediation process. Get experienced with our letting services!

    We manage the complete mediation process for both tenants and landlords. Our rental team consists of enthusiastic and experienced people of whom you can expect optimum advice.

    Koops Property management is part of Koops Rental Agency and holds a growing real estate portfolio of rental accommodations. Koops Property Management is connected with association VGM (Property Management Netherlands). More information about this department and what we could do for you can be found in another section on this website.

    We are well known in the international rental market and work closely together with expats that are looking for (mostly) temporary housing.

    Koops Rental Agency is located in Haarlem and Amstelveen (border of Amsterdam). You are welcome to visit our office Monday through Friday form 9 a. m. till 5:30 p. m.

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    Rotsvast Amsterdam

    The Rots-Vast Groep rents, lets and manages rental properties for over 29 years. With more than 21 offices and a large portfolio of houses and apartments for rent on the short term, we are the largest real estate broker in homes for rent in The Netherlands.

    Rots-Vast Groep mediates in case you want to rent a house, appartment or a room. We offer an extensive offer of houses and apartments for rent in the Amsterdam area, which can be rented on the short term for several months or years. Rots-Vast Groep helps you finding your perfect house for rent in the Netherlands.

    In case you have a property which you want to let, we will advise you about letting the property. Rots-Vast Groep will find suitable tenants for your house and we will make the contract. We can also take care of the financial and technical management of the property.

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    Humij B.V.

    The company was founded in 1984 and specializes in the development and management of homes for experimental living.
    Since 1992, we manage a complex on the edge of De Pijp and Amstel River with 15 specialized residential group houses with studio rooms. These homes are fully furnished with all laundry, dry, cooking, cleaning equipment.

    Starting 2018 we manage apartments in Holland Park ( station Diemen-Zuid ) and Haarlem-East, where two households or a living group of 4 adults can also live together.

    These properties are rented out furnished.

    In our managed homes, short rentals and subleases and B & B is not allowed.

    Rental is for an indefinite period of up to 4 adults per property with an obligation for the tenant to enroll directly in the Municipal Basis Administration.

    A group house has 2 or 3 bathrooms, 1 main kitchen and additional kitchenettes so that single households and couples can live together.

    Because you share the lease, you live here furnished with 750,00 to 900,00 housing costs, including bills and municipal taxes.

    The housing costs for a couple are approximately 1.100,00.

    You will be registered in the Basic Administration.

    Living groups themselves choose their fellow residents and decide who is sleeping and who contributes to the living expenses. The owner has a right of veto and may refuse a nominated candidate if he / she receives insufficient personal salary to pay the living expenses or if there is a suspicion that one of the tenants is taking the property in violation of regulations.

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    Amsterdam Housing

    Amsterdam Housing is a quality-oriented real estate agency for housing in Amsterdam, Amstelveen, The Hague, Wassenaar, Haarlem, ‘t Gooi and nearby towns. We specialize in helping employees from overseas to quickly find appropriate housing in the Netherlands. For over 25 years, we have been offering a one-stop service that handles all the practical aspects of renting homes for short or longer periods. Our portfolio contains a wide range of houses, villas and (luxury) apartments in the category designations good, very good and excellent. Furnished or semi-furnished, they are available within a broad price range. Mostly we offer housing in Amsterdam, Amstelveen, The Hague, Wassenaar, Haarlem, ‘t Gooi and nearby towns. Central to the success of Amsterdam Housing is an enthusiastic team of dedicated, highly qualified advisors and housing agents. They are very aware of what moving and living abroad really means. And they also know all about living in the Netherlands. That means they're fully equipped to give relocating families all the support they need to adjust quickly to their new homes and surroundings. • No Cure No Pay • No registration fee • Success achievable in just one day • Enormous choice of houses and apartments Amsterdam Housing deals with the housing part of relocation. Whether it's for just one key staff member or for a whole group. Following your company's policy guidelines, we do our work within agreed budgets and always in the shortest time. We first help you to view homes that best suit you and your families needs. We then assist you with lease negotiation, home inspection and inventory to accurately establish move-in condition. We provide these services to organizations large and small. Because we truly believe that the housing part of relocation is best left to dedicated professionals to Amsterdam Housing. The search begins as soon as we have customer input. Our extensive network of private and professional property owners is entirely at your disposal. And not only do we provide an appropriate shortlist, we also assist you and your family while they're viewing the selected homes. We offer advice to help you to reach the right decisions. These services are completely free of any obligation. We will also be glad to guide you through the entire process of lease negotiation, making sure that the rental agreement is reasonable. At Amsterdam Housing, we know that every company, client and assignment is different. We are also aware that a successful stay in the Netherlands greatly depends on our ability to provide the best possible housing conditions within the agreed budget. We believe firmly in highly personalized service, tailored to specific family needs. Our long experience and knowledge of local conditions enables us to offer relocating families the patient, positive support required to help them get used to their new situation and surroundings. What we need first is your list of basic requirements. Should we be looking for a house, a villa, an apartment or a studio? Must it be furnished, semi-furnished or carpeted? In which locality should we be looking and within what kind of budget? Is off-street parking essential and how far may the property be from schools, shops and public transportation? For how long will the lease last and when must it start? All you need to do is send us these criteria by fax, e-mail, or simply call us on the telephone with the details. We'll be delighted to take it from there and help you for housing Amsterdam and all other expat areas in the Netherlands.

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    Huishuren. nu manages many homes. These homes are in the private sector. In all of our properties we require a BRP registration.

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    Agencia de vivienda enumera propiedades en alquiler en Ámsterdam, Países Bajos Somos una subsidiaria de HOUSINGAGENCY. com, un directorio de todos los agentes de bienes raíces en cualquier parte del mundo.

    Housing Agency es una agencia de alquiler de propiedades adaptada a las necesidades de expatriados (expatriados) y multinacionales. Si está buscando un agente o propiedad en otro lugar, visite el sitio web de Housing Agent punto com

    Queremos llevar el lado humano de la búsqueda doméstica a un mercado que cada vez está más impulsado por plataformas digitales, inteligencia artificial, algoritmos y automatización. Creemos que las habilidades y el conocimiento que un agente experimentado brinda a su cliente son algo que una computadora no puede reemplazar, y nuestra misión es conectar la riqueza de conocimiento de un agente con nuestra base de clientes exigentes, los expatriados.

    Queremos llevar el lado humano de la búsqueda doméstica a un mercado que cada vez está más impulsado por plataformas digitales, inteligencia artificial, algoritmos y automatización. Creemos que las habilidades y el conocimiento que un agente experimentado brinda a su cliente son algo que una computadora no puede reemplazar, y nuestra misión es conectar la riqueza de conocimiento de un agente con nuestra base de clientes exigentes, los expatriados.

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    Homecrew renting out €350 all-in, selling €750 all-in, no commission, no extra costs! Check reviews on YouTube or Funda accounts.

    With 12 years of expat experience Homecrew offers the best home-finding-service for €1249 incl. VAT. Other agencies charge 1 month rent.

    At Homecrew online brokers, owners themselfves conduct the viewings. For the simple reason that they know the home like no other and can give good tips about the neighborhood. In the meantime, we focus entirely on the market, which is always on the move and works differently per municipality.

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    HB Housing

    We have been active on the housing market for many years and know the market thoroughly. That is why we are a valuable partner for renting as well as letting. Thanks to reliable contacts in our network, we can always find suitable housing or a tenant for you.

    Why HBhousing?

    HB Housing is specialised in the mediation during the letting and renting of houses and apartments for both individuals and companies. HB Housing is an experienced, innovative company aimed at delivering high quality and personal services to our customers. We strongly believe in customer commitment and retention and we work hard to meet the expectations of our clients.

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    Houses & Rooms

    Casas & Rooms es una agencia de alquiler de viviendas y habitaciones. Nuestro equipo tiene muchos años trabajando en el mercado inmobiliario y especialmente en el alquiler de casas y habitaciones. Tenemos esta gran experiencia y sabemos lo que pasó con los escollos de alquiler de apartamentos y habitaciones se pueden evitar. La demanda de habitaciones en alquiler temporal, es muy grande. Una sala se puede alquilar rápidamente. Por lo tanto, es posible que las casas no son ni siquiera en Internet. Por lo tanto, es aconsejable inscribirse o libre, por lo que que a medida que las primeras ofertas. Sin embargo, muy pocas compañías de bienes raíces o las oficinas de mediación en el alquiler de sala de intermediario. Tenga en cuenta que siempre ha adoptado un mediador no sólo tienen un número de móvil, pero también tiene una dirección indica. Entonces sabes que has de hacer trampa y no. Tenemos un 'manos a la mentalidad y asegurarse de que tu casa o habitación en cuanto encuentran. Tenemos un proceso transparente y condiciones claras. Usted sabrá exactamente dónde se encuentra con nuestro stand. Ninguna pregunta es demasiado loco! Estaremos encantados de hablar. Llame o por e-mail com para más detalles!

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    Domica Amsterdam


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    Residential Real Estate

    Whether you’re looking to buy, sell or rent a house. You’re about to make
    a life changing decision. A decision that have to lead to the feeling your
    at home in your new house. The security that you got a reliable tenant.
    Or the feeling that you selled your house for a good price to the new
    home owners.

    The team at Residential Real Estate take the time to get to know each client on a one-to-one basis- we pride ourselves on understanding your needs first and foremost before offering a bespoke solution to suit your

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    Welcome to Nuver Rent. nl

    Specialist (temporary) rental of your property.
    We provide fast and professional mediation
    owners and house hunters.

    Is your home sale for some time and want to leasing?
    Do you already have a new home, but is not yet sold your previous home?
    Are you going for a definite or indefinite period of time abroad?
    Will you live together and you do not have to sell your house?
    Wait with selling and temporary rent?
    Or do you have another reason to rent your home (temporarily)?

    Then you have Nuver Rent. ie to the right place.
    We take care of everything and ensure the right tenant.
    We not only draw on our large member base of home seekers, but
    also actively for you to find a suitable tenant.

    Avoid double housing costs and get more financial space.
    today sign your property still to Nuver Rent. nl

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    The Rental Agency Amsterdam

    The Rental Agency is a specialised agency in renting and letting of apartments in Amsterdam. For landlords we find reliable suitable tenants. We can offer a wide range of apartments for expats in Amsterdam.

    The basis of the company is our experience and the personal service and attention we give to all our clients.

    We guide the process of renting and letting from beginning to end.

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    IB Makelaars

    By IB Agent, you are at the right place if you want to rent a home in the short term. Our activities include:

    Full support for you as a client when renting a property.

    Visits care of your selected properties and inform and advise the spot.

    Mediate between you and the landlord. Negotiate with the landlord over rent, among other things, contract, effective date.

    By chord ensure a proper settlement including the establishment of an appropriate lease.

    Arranging prompt signing of the document by both parties.

    Ensuring timely payment.

    make arrangements for delivery of the rental property, taking care of the delivery and inspection of the home.

    Draw up a report and inspection report in triplicate.

    See to it that all agreements between the parties involved are respected.

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    Find your room

    We are a young and dynamic office in Amsterdam with a wide network of investors, landlords and housekeepers.

    We get new objects daily in all price ranges.

    Please register on the website and tell us what you are looking for and we will search for your house!

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    LV Housing

    LV Housing is a real estate company located in Amsterdam.
    We are renting properties in all parts of the Netherlands. Our clients are landlords, corporate company's and expats. Real estate is our passion and therefore we work until succeed.
    Looking for a rental house in the Netherlands?
    We would like to help you through this journey. Usually we can find a place whitin one week.

    Please feel free to contact us by sending a email to ***************************************************

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