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Maxx Properties is a real creative player who starts where others stop.

Maxx is an active player in the real estate market.
Maxx is professional, resourceful and flexible.
Maxx is the trusted partner to do business with.
Maxx is aanhuurmakelaar for tenants.
Maxx is represented on the Executive Board Vastgoed Belang.
Maxx is aware of legislation in preparation.

Maxx is a group of enthusiastic and reliable employees. People you can rely on. Please feel free to our office or make an appointment!

Gelkingestraat 23
9711 NA Groningen

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1.150 € al mes


1.650 € al mes


1.650 € al mes


1.650 € al mes


588 € al mes

Grote Markt

950 € al mes

Abel Tasmanplein

390 € al mes

Grote Markt

1.007 € al mes

Van Panhuysstraat

1.350 € al mes

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